Monday, October 29, 2018


Here is an item that the mainline media totally avoided. It is much to positive and feel good news for the hate and rage boys at CNN et al.

This story is about people doing an artistic sculpture in the sand to commemorate the 9000 men killed at Normandy during WWII as they took France away from Hitler. Someone remembers, and someone is thankful for what America did for Europe.


If America had not stopped Hitler at Normandy, there would be no Brexit, there would be no EU, and millions more Jews would have been gassed. It is impossible to imagine the whole of Europe under Nazi control.

But, sadly, there will be another war, an even worse one. The Bible prophecies that the nations of the world will all gather in Israel in the Valley of Armageddon for the last great war. The blood will fly to the height of the horse's bridles. 

What is the moral? 

Answer: When you scream for hate and rage to take the day, like Maxine Waters and hundreds of sicko Democrats in America, remember............. the end of it is all about blood flying. Is that REALLY what you want?