Thursday, January 17, 2019


The malware has been uploaded. The blackmails have been finessed. The whole world of democracies and prosperity is set for total destruction. This appears to me to be the chaos and treachery which will cause the whole world to eagerly exalt and worship the man who can stop this..... the Antichrist.

Watch the video please.

I suggest you make your plans for survival. Not, to survive a nuclear war, but to survive the total destruction of nations and world commerce. This will not be a war between the USA and Russia alone. It will be a war between General Motors and Nissan, between Siemens and Halliburton, between Kenya and the EU.  Whoever is quick enough to hire the best hackers will win.

We may never again have a rational election in any of the world's democracies. The day WILL come when whole national leaderships will sign over their national autonomy to China or the USA. Empires will bloom in hours and be destroyed just as rapidly.

Watch for preparedness services who offer to strip all the technology out of existing devices and necessities of life. Also, watch for drug companies to be hacked and poisons to be added to prescription drugs, especially generics made in China. Chinese companies will use hacking to hit each other with industrial espionage. Watch for US Government agencies to totally lose control and become unable to provide essential services you need. Watch for Senators and the President to be mentally destroyed or driven to launch military attacks. Nations will hack leaders in a third nation in order to cause them to attack their actual enemy by proxy. 

Make your plans, and determine how you will live in a very basic world. IT WILL HAPPEN. There is no way to stop it.

Omar M Khalil5 months ago (edited)
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Regime was ousted via cyber attacks which caused the regular shutdown of power grids, water supply, and many basic services that lead people to revolt against the new government. You work out who was behind those attacks!

Gipsy Danger10 months ago (edited)
Israel probably has one massive cyber attack in their arsenal. To completely halt Iran's missile defence system, and its Joint Command System. In the event of a war against Iran.

Kevin Mitnik could launch nuclear war.

The challenge accepted- This will creep you out.

Will hackers eventually rule the world? One hour BBC documentary showing that hackers are deadly, and they have barely gotten started making their power known.