Thursday, January 17, 2019



1. Your wife didn't marry Jesus. She married you. Pity the man whose wife sends him the message that if he were the perfect husband, she would become a perfect wife. That is a lot of horse leavings, sir. No husband is the man God wants him to be, AND, his wife is not the woman God wants her to be. We are all still growing and learning to be more like Jesus. So, if your wife is busy helping you to be a better Christian nice guy, tell her to cut it out NOW. Tell her that her job is to be more like Jesus. Only then will she become the woman and wife she wants to be.

Also, tell your wife she did not marry Dr. James Dobson or any other Christian shrink with an answer for every problem in life. AND, stop sending donations to those busy body gurus.

2. Lady, your Harlequin novel marriage does not exist. Oh, it was great on the honeymoon, but I am sure you recall the first time your husband did not come across like the handsome prince who grew up in Windsor Castle and rescued maidens six days a week. And, if your marriage is going bad, I can tell you why..... you are desperate to remake your husband, and you nag the living daylights out of him. Oh, you do it ever so lovingly, right? But, YOU ARE A BLASTED NAG. If you want to keep your marriage, you must let your husband do the marriage saving, not you. 

Your assignment, lady: Start LIKING your husband, not just loving him. Take an interest in some of the man things you think should be shucked off by him. Stop demanding that he make you happy. If your man likes to go bass fishing, ask him if you can come along once. You will have to be ready to catch him before he hits the floor. AND, make a serious effort to learn how to catch a bass. Listen a lot, and keep your mouth closed a lot.

If you don't have Bible reading together at the end of the day, ask your husband if you can do that. DO NOT jabber about how that might save your marriage. Do you want your man to see God as his therapist, or do you want him to be a man of Christ, and figure it out for himself as he reads the Bible?

Make a covenant with God that you will never tell your husband what is wrong with him, or how something he believes or stands for is wrong. Add to that covenant the promise to God that you will, until death do you part, always ASK your husband's opinion about something troubling you. Finally, promise God you will accept your husband's decisions or opinions and live with them, NEVER pointing out later if it did not work out like he expected.

If you will not make this covenant, you do not deserve a husband. There ought to be a convent in Antarctica for women like you.

Finally, when you are out and about and talking to friends, BRAG ON YOUR HUSBAND instead of joining the ladies (other word is B____) as they tell each other all their husband's oddities and foibles. By doing this, you will prevent yourself from falling into temptation with some handsome dude. He won't even try after he hears how you brag on your man.


The party who destroys a marriage is almost always the wife. She drives the man crazy with her expectations, she nags the man about his being manly, and she tells all the wrong people what she is thinking. I am talking about her parents, pastor, and other lady friends. These people almost always take up her cause, blame the man for everything that goes wrong, and pass the gossip about your husband around town. If you want to keep your husband, GIVE HIM BACK TO GOD.

AND, learn to live with the results. If you do not back off and become a woman of God in your home, your husband will find a lady who does not nag and bitch at him, and she will take your man away from you. Oh, society will join in eagerly to take up your side and blame your husband for destroying your marriage, but as of this blog post, you will know, for the rest of you life, that you were warned that YOU are the main problem, the she-destroyer.

OK, buster, you read all this and you are saying to yourself, "Boy, that preacher sure nailed my wife."

So, sir, when is the last time you told your wife you love her? She needs to hear that. Do you dress to make your lady look good. Most men believe their wife makes them look good. If that happens to be true in your case, it is because you dress like Early Neanderthal. 

I need to hit you again, Buster....... Does your wife feel like the man who follows her through the door at the restaurant or at church makes her look special? Does your wife shine as she goes through the door, like, "This is my man, and he loves me." Or, do you look like you just came in from a baboon convention, to include your grungy ball cap on backwards?

I hesitate to brag, but I decided before we got married that I would dress to the nines for my sweetheart. We always get better service when eating out. Waitresses are very good to me right in front of my wife, and it is not because I am hustling them. It is because my wife's man clearly makes her look good, and those poor young waitresses have to go out with a dork in crocks. 

I believe this doctrine, sir. A woman always wonders if she really looks good tonight. So, when she asks herself that, she looks at her man, and his effort to dress up for his wife will result in her answer to her own question..... "Yes. I look just fine."

Story One: My wife and I were assigned to Eldoret, Kenya where I was to be the headmaster of a pastor's training school. I was not as busy for the Lord as I wanted to be in that job, so I went to the local High School where there were classes offered in religion..... Protestant, Catholic, Islamic, and Traditional. I got a resume together, and I dressed in a suit, and I presented myself to the African headmaster applying to teach the Protestant class.

The African headmaster looked at my resume, and he stared at me for a while, and he said, "I have never had a European hand me a resume or wear a suit and tie for me. You certainly may teach the class." He then offered to buy new text books for the class, and he asked me to find the one I wanted. I had been told by other missionaries that most headmasters did not want White people teaching religion classes.

Story Two: I was in Basic Training in the Army in 1968 at Fort Knox, Kentucky. We got our first weekend pass, and my wife drove down from Michigan to spend it with me. On Sunday, we went to a nice restaurant in Elizabeth Town. I was permitted to wear civilian clothes on pass, but I decided to wear my Class-A uniform instead. When the waitress came after the meal, she said our dinner had been paid for. I was astounded. She asked if I had seen the older man across the room who had just left. She said he was a retired Colonel, and almost every Sunday he paid for a soldiers dinner. The Colonel determined who to pick for this kindness by two things..... The soldier had to have his wife with him, and he had to be dressed in his Class-A uniform

You put fresh oil in your Camero regularly. Do you put fresh love in your marriage just as faithfully?

This preacher is going to ask a blunt question, whether you men like it or not.....

How often do you surprise your wife with a hug or kiss WITHOUT grabbing her nipple? Do you love her just as much for her mind and spirit as for her booty? 

Now, lady, never send me mail claiming I threw you under the bus in my blog. But, stop believing Hillary Clinton and the feminazi alliance when they claim that men do all the damage in marriage. My experience as a pastor has convinced me that the wife is more often the destroyer than the man.

Men, one last favor I happen to know your wife wants from you..... would you men who work at home PLEASE turn off Rush Limbaugh. Replace him with some of this.