Friday, January 18, 2019


It is time for White Americans to slap down the lies being told about them. It is not a form of patriotism or gentility to accept lies about you. The irony is that Whites are defending themselves a lot less than Blacks are defending Whites.


Are YOU being a White porch monkey for the myth of racism in America. The days of racism, White on Black, are over. There will always be the odd jerk who will not get over it, both White and Black, but the culture at large simply has no racism.

There are millions of Blacks who got hired because they were the best choice. They are Blacks who do not want to get their job, or make their way through life, based an integration entitlements. A Black retired Postmaster from Chicago told me he told his grandson never to ask for special treatment because he was Black. He told the grandson that if someone offered him a good job because he was Black, to take it. But, never ask for special racial privileges.

The cheapest Black in America is the one with his hand out and his butt sitting in a welfare office. And, the White man sitting next to him is just a cheap and worthless.

If you want to see Larry Elder totally engaged in intellectual warfare, watch Larry thrash and silence this Anglo Saxon Wetback, Peres Morgan.