Monday, January 7, 2019


The truth is being told. Doctors have terrible relationships with their patients because the doctors fear their patients.


Doctors are hiding their associations with drug companies. They are afraid you will learn how much they are making in kick backs. You may decide your doctor is flat out lying in order to get you hooked on a drug that enriches him.

They are afraid you will go online and learn about their education deficiencies. They are especially afraid you will go on sites that tell which doctors have been disciplined.

Doctors are terrified you will learn that they are hooked on uppers or downers, or worse, like Dr. Patel in Arizona who had needle tracks all the way up his arm. They are afraid you will learn they are alcoholics.

Doctors are afraid you will go online and read research that proves their diagnosis is way off the mark. They fear you will read the fine print in the print out for your tests. You may go online and read the correct analysis of your test results.

We had a doctor, a nuclear medicine specialist, who decided my wife needed a stress test and sonogram. We went to the have the tests, and she could not walk on the walking machine due to it starting  up too fast. So, they gave her a shot and did a cardiogram. The claim was made that the injection method was very safe. That was a lie. There have been people die having the test that way.

We asked for a total print out of the results, and they gave us two. One print out was an exact representation of the test stats. The other was a summery by the doctor. In the machine generated report my wife had an Ejection Fraction (the amount pumped by the left ventricle) of 53%, and in the doctor's summery the EF was 45%. 

The Nurse Practitioner (beware when the doctor sends a flunky to do the follow up appointment- he is hiding something) told us that 45% was very bad, and my wife would need an angiogram and probably a stent. The truth is, normal EF is 50 to 75%. This is because the left ventricle never empties 100%. The NP did not tell us that, so 45% sounded deadly. In fact, my wife was low normal, NOT low. The NP lied on purpose to push us toward an angiogram.

I did some serious research online to try to figure out why the doctor changed actual EF from 53% to 45%. I learned that the American Heart Association had recently done a huge study on the US East Coast, and they learned that doctors were pushing angiograms and not talking to patients about management options. They did a statistical study in end results and morbidity on people with 35% to 55% EF, compared with people who were only treated with management procedures. The results as to morbidity were three days different over the rest of the patients' lives. 

The AHA bluntly told that the problem is that doctors are trying to make the big cash. Management is all about talk and counseling and a cheap beta blocker, while angiograms are big bucks. Forty percent of the cash flow of a heart clinic or hospital is angiograms and stents. That is why they put the stent on the probe before they have seen the blockage. They intend to drop the stent in place and make a lot more cash.

Back to fear in doctors. They are terrified of people like me. I blunder sometimes in my digging online, but when I talk to the doctor, if he tells me I missed an issue, I listen close, and if he sounds rational at all, I back off 100%. But, I also am terrified. I am terrified of a doctor who recently told me, "Steve, you think too much and go online too much." He is not humble enough to let me look into the professional writing on my or my wife's health issues. 

When a doctor wants you dumb, and when he refuses to explain why something is the way he represented it, run like mad right across town to another doctor.

After watching the above video, I intend to be more direct with doctors. When they show signs of fear, or when they try to put me off when I ask a question, I intend to ask them why they are afraid of me. This is very important with cancer. Cancer is the one issue were the most lying is done.

The last thought is this..... medical schools are funded by Big Pharma, and Big Pharma gives out billions of dollars in scholarships to doctors. The schools spend most of the teaching time telling med students how to treat symptoms with drugs. The average med student gets eight hours on nutrition, and no time at all on healing with diet and supplements. There is almost no teaching on prevention. The whole objective is to teach doctors how to get patients hooked on Big Pharma drugs. 

This is why so many doctors today make NO effort to diagnose your problem. They do not want to treat the cause and eliminate the problem..... you will not keep coming back with your cash donation. They are quite happy to keep you on drugs the rest of your life, and they will tell you so.

Taken together, all of the above thoughts are why doctors are terrified of you. They fear that you will figure out the scams and go find a real doctor who wants to heal people.

Some of you have been so mentally warped by the lies of doctors that you believe every word they say, and you do no research online to check on the information handed you. When is the last time you went online and checked on the research and issues with some new drug a doctor gave you? 

The classic example is statins. They were invented to lower cholesterol after Dr. Keys did his alleged research back in 1953 and claimed that cholesterol caused heart artery blockages. He later denounced his own research, but Big Pharma and the medical associations had run with the thing, and it has maimed millions of Americans.

Artery blockage is caused by inflammation. The cholesterol is in the blood and does not stick to anything until there is an injury. It makes scabs on the skin, and it covers injuries to arteries. Get rid of inflammation, and you will have no blockages. Inflammation can be eliminated by detoxing with supplements and diet changes. 

When the doctor terrorizes you with his lies about cholesterol, you give in and take the statins. The body senses a drop in blood cholesterol, and the body goes looking for more to replace it. It robs the cell walls of the body of cholesterol, leaving the cell walls perforated. This allows toxins in the body to enter the cells, and pain is the result.

You go back to the doctor, and he tests your cholesterol, and it is back up. So he ups your statins. The body again goes looking for cholesterol and finds it in your brain which is 98% cholesterol. Your brain cholesterol is robbed to get the blood level back up. The end of that is dementia, which is the experience of almost everyone who is on statins for any amount of time.

The lie is very close to murder. The only question is,  do you want to be mugged and killed in Chicago, or do you want to die sitting in the corner of a nursing home drooling on yourself?

The fact is, you must let your body set the level of your cholesterol where it wants it. If you tell your doctor you want off of statins, and if he resorts to sly threats that you will die a horrible death of arteriosclerosis, go shopping for a doctor who will at once drop the subject when you ask not to discuss cholesterol. There are such doctors.

One last shot. Research has been done recently to see if lowering salt intake helps you live longer. It does, exactly 3 days longer of a whole lifetime. The conclusion by one heart association was that lowering salt is a waste of time. When my salt gets low, I get tachycardia. Salt is the electrolyte which keeps the electricity flowing.

You would be terrified of patients too if you were lying and passing on bogus information knowingly. The Internet has made it possible to check up on the lies of the market place. You are a blasted fool if you do NOT do your own investigation into things you are told by doctors and Big Pharma. There is no worse source of devilish propaganda than the TV screen in your doctor's office.

Caveat: There is one reason why doctors will suggest statins, coumadin, and vaccinations and flu shots. If they do not suggest these, and you die the next week of a heart attack or flu related pneumonia, your family can sue the doctor for not suggesting these killer drugs, and your family will win in court. So, if your doctor brings up such deadly drugs as options, tell him you do not care to talk about them, and if he drops it at once, he is probably informed of the truth and will not bring it up again. The worst time you will have will be with the nurse. They have been known to virtually rage and attack patients for turning down a flu shot. Never believe a nurse who throws fits.