Wednesday, August 23, 2017


No one is better prepared to defend Barron Trump that a former White House kid, like Chelsea Clinton. So, that is exactly what she did.


I suspect the Clintons have decided to clean up their image in the media and with potential voters. If Chelsea's political aspirations are to be realized, she needs to make friends from the masses her dear Mommy called deplorables. 

Furthermore, Hillary needs to kiss up to The Donald. She may soon be asking for more Secret Service protection. She promised the thugs of the Liberal Mafia that if they filled her Foundation with cash, they would all get powerful positions in her cabinet and the Government. She blew the election, and some of those thugs now believe she did it on purpose. She did do a totally wretched job of campaigning.

If they think Hillary grabbed their cash with no intention to win, they will be making plans to snuff her. The Dark World of Liberal thugs are just as vengeful as the Medellin. And, the Medellin method of revenge is to take out the target's family one by one before they finally take out the targeted one. This gives the targeted person the most emotional pain, and it tells anyone else thinking of double crossing them not to try it.

So, the Clintons need to look righteous so that someone will have mercy on them and give them more protection.

In any case, Barron Trump has a buddy honey in Chelsea, and any help must be appreciated.