Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I told you that I believed someone took over the navigational technology of the ship.

What next? 

A whole convoy of US Navy ships in the Black Sea were relocated 20 miles inland on their navigational system. I believe the big trick will be when this adversary spoofs an aircraft carrier and its convoy of ships. They could be spoofed during a storm when visual observation is not possible. And, they could be sent onto a reef or into shallow water and grounded. Or worse, they could be sent into cargo ships which would create a huge collision and possible sinking of some ship.

So, the enemy no longer needs missiles. And, it is possible that the enemy could hide from detection, thus making retaliation impossible. It is all a morbid hacking setting.

The most deadly places in the world are narrow passages, such as the English Channel and the Red Sea with its collection of islands. There are many such locations. The day may come when the US Navy has to be put 100% into port to prevent destruction. The peril to submarines seems tremendous also. 

It is also possible that the enemy could send out ghost ships loaded with explosives and controlled remotely, and then guide an aircraft carrier into the ghost ship.

The world is sinking into technology warfare, and these ship collisions prove clearly that the US is not prepared to deal with it, and we may well be falling way behind in the race to domination. I fully believe that the US Government is lying to Americans as to how safe we are. 

History tells us that rulers never let the people know when the state becomes vulnerable. The enemy tells the people that when they invade.