Tuesday, August 15, 2017


The left in the USA, with the encouragement of Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, have declared war on America. They are starting with the heritage symbols of America. They will be defacing and tearing down many more monuments. This is what the Bolsheviks did under Stalin. And, it will get worse.

The next thing will be to break into prisons and free criminals. Then, they will attack up scale neighborhoods. When will America wake up and fight back? If this is allowed to go on and on, the President will be forced to call out the US Military to launch war actions against these mobs. 

Any day now, some state is going to walk off. At that point, the whole nation will start to unravel as states hold legislature sessions to decide whether to stay in the union or flee. 

The leftist mobs in the USA are being used to destroy this nation, and they are out of control NOW, not next week or next month.

The worst part is that the media will cheer on the destruction of America. They hate this nation and the US Constitution. They will be screaming against the police and the US Government until the day the mobs enter their studios and burn them down.

This is really a Marxist coup sponsored by Obama and George Soros. For now, they are winning. Will Americans let them destroy this nation?