Monday, August 21, 2017


Let us make this short and simple.....

There is NO connection between the solar eclipse and prophecy. Eclipses are a natural predictable event which men know is coming. It can be timed and described well before it happens.

Prophecy from the Bible is undated, and the time of the fulfillment of a prophecy is totally in the mind of God. All this prophetic chatter on blogs and web sites about the eclipse having some prophetic significance is a lot of horse leavings.

God will not send Jesus back for his Church in the Rapture when men are expecting prophecy to be fulfilled. God does not want CBS, CNN, or Fox News to be able to take credit for predicting the Rapture.

So, there it is. The sun is right where it has always been. The moon is wandering through space just like it did when Noah was navigating on the ark. Nothing startling is happening, except this.....

God has created a glorious display of his Almighty mind in the universe, and in the smallest flower. So, if you can get in the line of the moon and sun, enjoy God's big show. The next one will be in Texas, and we will be happy to show it to you if you buy a ticket at our office in Austin.

Relax folks..... it is not the end of the world.