Monday, January 1, 2018


All Is Not Quiet on the Syrian Front: US to Launch Another War

By Alex Gorka

December 30, 2017 "Information Clearing House" -   This is a classic example of flip-flop policy. In November, the US promised Turkey to stop arming Kurdish militias in Syria after the Islamic State was routed. Brett McGurk, the US Special Presidential Envoy to the Global Coalition to Defeat Islamic State, explained that after the urban fighting in Raqqa was over "adjustments in the level of military support" would be made. "We had to give some equipment – and it's limited, extremely limited – all of which was very transparent to our NATO ally, Turkey," he said during a special briefing on December 21. In June, the US told Turkey it would take back weapons supplied to the Kurdish the People’s Protection Units (YPG) militia in northern Syria after the defeat of Islamic State.

But sophisticated weapons will continue to be sent to Syria in 2018, including thousands of anti-tank rocket launchers, heat seeking missiles and rocket launchers. The list of weaponry and equipment was prepared by US Department of Defense as part of the 2018 defense budget and signed by Trump of Dec. 12. It includes more than 300 non-tactical vehicles, 60 nonstandard vehicles, and 30 earth-moving vehicles to assist with the construction of outposts or operations staging areas. The US defense spending bill for 2018 ("Justification for FY 2018 Overseas Contingency Operations / Counter-Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Train and Equip Fund") includes providing weapons worth $393 million to US partners in Syria. Overall, $500 million, roughly $70 million more than last year, are to be spent on Syria Train and Equip requirements. The partners are the Kurds-dominated Syria Democratic Forces (SDF). The YPG – the group that is a major concern of Turkey – is the backbone of this force.

The budget does not refer to Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) but instead says “Vetted Syrian Opposition”. According to the budget list, there are 25,000 opposition forces supported as a part of the train and equip program in Syria. That number is planned to be increased to 30,000 in 2018. The arming of Kurdish militants with anti-tank rockets is a sensitive topic because of Turkey’s reliance on its armored Leopard tanks in northern Syria.

Talal Sillo, a former high-ranking commander and spokesperson of the US-backed SDF, who defected from the group last month to go to Turkey, divulged details of the US arming the Kurdish group.

The list does not detail which vetted Syrian groups will receive certain pieces of equipment. In northern Syria, there is the SDF, including the YPG, and the Syria Arab Coalition — a group of Arab fighters incorporated into the SDF. The Maghawir al-Thawra and Shohada al-Quartayn groups are operating in the southeastern part of Syria. They are being trained by US and British instructors at the al-Tanf border crossing between Syria and Iraq.

Besides the SDF and the groups trained at al-Tanf, the US is in the process of creating the New Syria Army to fight the Syrian government forces. The training is taking place at the Syrian Hasakah refugee camp located 70 kilometers from the border of Turkey and 50 kilometers from the border of Iraq.

Around 40 Syria opposition groups on Dec. 25 rejected to attend the planned Sochi conference on Syria scheduled to take place in January. They said Moscow, which organizes the conference, was seeking to bypass the UN-based Geneva peace process, despite the fact that UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura said that Russia's plan to convene the congress should be assessed by its ability to contribute to and support the UN-led Geneva talks on ending the war in Syria. If fighting starts, these groups are likely to join the formations created by the US.

So, the United States not only maintains its illegal military presence in Syria and creates new forces to fight against the Syrian government, it appears to be preparing for a new war to follow the Islamic State’s defeat. The continuation of arming and training Kurdish militias will hardly improve Washington’s relations with Ankara, while saying one thing and doing another undermines the credibility of the United States as a partner.

Until we come to terms with this civilizational struggle, we will go on fighting endless wars in the sand and coping with endless terror attacks in our own cities because we have failed to recognize the nature of the enemy. We are not fighting an acronym, whether it’s ISIS or ISIL; we are fighting an Islamic State.

The defeat of the Islamic State as a “state” will leave two serious questions facing the United States. The first is: Who will fill the spaces from which the jihadi group is driven? There is a clear effort by the new Iran-Hezbollah-Shiite militia-Russia coalition to reply: “We will.” Elliot Abrams, FP
The moral from history of the Middle East is this..... The White Race will win battles and eliminate acronyms, but Islam will go on forever, or at least until Messiah rules in Jerusalem and the sons of Kedar finally go up to Jerusalem to worship Christ.

The history of the Middle East is one of the Aryan Race, of which America is the present key player, has been trying to conquer the Middle East for thousands of years. The Kassites, Persia, Greece, Rome, Turkey, and England have had their turn. Today, it is America and Russia. These Aryan empires always end up losing whatever they occupy. 

So, the USA will keep trying to whip Islam, and the USA will keep losing the war. There is a vast difference between winning a battle and winning the war.

So, who is the next bogeyman? Who will step up and replace ISIS? President Trump claims credit for destroying ISIS. He will soon announce the next bogeyman, and it will not be Kim Jong Un. It will be a Muslim group twice as demonic as ISIS and al Quaeda.
So Daesh is defeated. It doesn’t register. Bogeymen are forever. Trump is using this one to keep out brown skinned foreigners of all descriptions. If we celebrate our win, we might have to start acting like rational human beings. READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE
Trump needs to keep his voting base fired up, and only blocking immigration will do the trick. Thus, Trump MUST come up with a bogeyman in the Middle East to keep justifying the restriction on immigration of Muslims. It has very little to do with protecting Americans. It has everything to do with a second term in the White House.

Outside of Iraq and Syria, Al-Qaeda already claims a more extensive sphere of influence than ISIS. Its affiliates claim swaths of territory in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and a number of other nations throughout Africathe Middle Eastand other parts of Asia. In March, the head of U.S. Central Command's Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve estimated there were between 12,000 and 15,000 ISIS fighters in its central bases of operations in Iraq and Syria and the Kuwait-based command told Newsweek last week that its projection had not changed much since. The figure is likely dwarfed, however, by the tens of thousands of supporters of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates worldwide. As the global balance of jihadist power shifts, Serwer warns that the battle against Islamist militants of all kinds is far from over. 
"The phase of the war in which ISIS is gaining territory is beginning to end," Serwer told Newsweek. "This doesn't mean the battle against ISIS is over, this doesn't mean the battle against Al-Qaeda is over. After all, this is war." Tom O'Conner Newsweek
 God needs to remove the USA from the Middle East in order for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled without the American bully raging around in the middle of God's acre. So, America will soon have a very good reason to pull back its Military from world domination. Something big is soon going to destroy the USA and its power in the world.

It is very obvious that Trump is not a Bible believer. If he was, he would not be enhancing the war in the Middle East as the above article shows. A true Bible believer would want to get out of God's way. His move on recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and moving the US embassy there, is biblically correct. But, Trump's instinct to wage war on Islam and Arabs is madness. Islam will be destroyed by God himself during the Great Tribulation.

Jeremiah 48:42 And Moab shall be destroyed from being a people, because he hath magnified himself against the LORD.
43 Fear, and the pit, and the snare, shall be upon thee, O inhabitant of Moab, saith the LORD.

Donald Trump seems to be fearless in the Middle East, but he is a flaming wimp in North Korea. Kim is about to launch a satellite, and it very well may be an EMP that will take out the USA's whole electric power grid. Trump seems to be helpless, and this would be because he is a business man, not a military thinker. His generals seem to be as worthless as he is in sensing when to strike an enemy.

Remember, North Korea has already launched two satellites in polar orbit, which puts them smack dab over Nebraska, the perfect target position for an EMP to shut down the whole USA. And, the sanctions that Obama put on Russia have not been lifted. Putin, by now, has to be assuming Trump will be no friend to Russia, and Putin may simply have shipped Kim an EMP in order to destroy the ascendancy of the USA once and for all.

So, rather than make America great again, Trump may be the man who commits the final stupid decision to not go to war when it counts most, and where it counts most.