Wednesday, August 8, 2018


I asked you readers to pray for my friend Sam. He was in very bad shape with an intestinal shut down, and he was showing signs of total collapse. 

You prayed, and, glory to God, Sam is back home. The evening of the day I posted the prayer request, the doctors began vigorously drugging Sam for his symptoms. Sam's son balked, and he told the doctors to start finding out what was wrong and treat the cause instead of the symptoms.

The doctors seemed to take the hint, and they changed direction. Sam's son also began pressing his father to make more of an effort at elimination. A CAT scan showed no blockage. Sam made a great effort, and whether God moved Sam to move his bowels, or God did it himself, the divine physician took over from the doctors, and Sam had a great liberation movement, so to speak.

Sam's son is concerned about Sam's diet, and they are having a heart to heart talk about that, father and son. Sam learned that the Dr. Pepper has to go, among other things. When we get older sometimes our kids need to come along side and tell us what we need to hear. Be ready to listen.

In any case, the prayers of God's people took Sam from a critical condition to be back home in a very short time. Thanks, to those of you who prayed.

Sam is now just fine in Knoxville, and you who are Bible believers may look him up when we all get over on the other side in Christ.

Did you ever think about our poor Atheist friends. They have nowhere to go for help, and they never know these moments of blessing when God responds to his people praying. The reward of your faith in priceless, my friend.