Thursday, August 9, 2018


Answer: NO

Here is the statement on religion in the "Communist Party of China" statement of existence:

Belief restriction
The Communist Party of China claims that individuals who join the Communist Party of China must abandon religious beliefs . If they have religious beliefs, including Christianity , Catholicism , Islam , Judaism, etc., they must break with the above-mentioned religions before they can “join the party”. Their provisions are influenced by religion or have strong People with religious feelings cannot join the Chinese Communist Party, and young students with religious beliefs cannot apply for membership. They must be " atheistic ".

What this means is that the total function of the Communist Party of China must be by members who are, among other things, Christ haters. Of course they are also Buddha haters, and haters of any other spiritual or metaphysical movement.

This is why American leaders will NEVER come to an understanding with China. Every time an American leader sits down to talk with a Chinese leader, they have a foundational animosity toward one another. America is a nation where a leader is free to have a religious perspective, and indeed, if he does not, his chances of being elected diminish greatly.

So, the Chinese leader looks on the American leader as a superstitious and silly religious fool.

China will always be the enemy of America unless our nation becomes Atheist in its defining documents. The only other nation in the world which is self-defined as Atheistic in its national documents is France. All other nations, whether it is true or not in daily practice, claim to allow religious freedom of belief. Even the religious cult of Atheism is permitted in free nations like America.

By this, we may conclude that, in regard to the soul, China and France are fellow travelers and bed fellows. Knowing the death of faith in France, this seems very appropriate, and we need to look on France as the enemy of America just as much as China is.

For the record, any belief system which would cease to exist without an "other" to attack, such as God, is a religion. Atheists must have a God in order to define themselves, even though they hate this God. If God did not exist, Richard Dawkins would be out of a job. He should be very grateful that God is there, and that he allows men like Dawkins free will. In fact, Dawkins' attack on God is one of the most powerful proofs that God exists. Dawkins shows his need for God every time he steps up to a microphone. Without God, Dawkins would have nothing to attack, and therefore, nothing to pull the crowds. The whole show for Dawkins is to defy God and give the mob reason to hate this God.

In fact, without ME, Dawkins would have little or nothing to talk about. Dawkins NEEDS Christians to be here in order to produce evidence that God is defective. Every Christian is defective in some way, so Dawkins can thus claim that God failed to fix these Christians, and, thus again, God is a loser. As you eat your kippers tomorrow morning, Richard, remember me here in Texas, and be grateful that I am a classic example of a defective Christian. YOU NEED ME.

The photo is of me roasting my own coffee beans, and burning them. If God really loved me, he would have come down and told me when to remove the beans from the fire, right? There you are, Richard. That proves God is very dilatory about things, so he must not exist, right?

Dawkins, as a rabid Atheist, has much more in common with Communist China then he does with Great Britain or any other civilized nation.

I see no reason to have mercy on fools. Do you agree?