Sunday, August 26, 2018


I have previous posts on the insane situation in California. See my list of topics in the side bar.

This video simply expands the picture a bit.

You need to understand that the rest of the USA will soon be flooded with people from California, Chicago, New York City, Detroit, and any other wasteland wrecked by Progressive Liberals.

What to do?

Do not panic. These refugees are usually the smart ones, and they fled because they are fed up with the Marxist state of California, AKD North Venezuela. They will generally be quite pleased to live in your community and adapt.

But, understand this..... These people may be fed up with California, but they have been living in the welfare state where Big Nanny has been handing them socialist benefits. They will need to be rebuked soundly when they whine because they cannot get all the same freebies they got in California. Do not tolerate it. Slap them down verbally with a sound rebuke. Otherwise, they will infect your state or city with latent socialism.

But again, most of these people are hard working victims of Marxism and sodomites in the State Legislature of California who hate middle class straights. They will soon be pleased to find a lot less, or none, of this in your locality.

No one is talking about the exit of the 7 million illegals from California. When the state goes belly up, the state will cut welfare payments back, possibly sending IOUs to illegal Mexicans. The Liberals will turn on the illegals in a flash if they see their base of voters falling apart. This is what Governor Jerry Brown has done several times in the past.

So, the illegals will panic and flee California. Some will return to Mexico, but illegals from all over the world, who entered through Mexico into California, will quickly become enemy number one of Blacks and busted Whites. These illegals will also be arriving in your community with their hat out expecting welfare. You need to let your legislators know that you will dump them out at once if they cave in to illegals' demands.