Friday, August 10, 2018


Members on the Left have no rational way to ask questions or make debate with the Right.

This is because they hate the Right, and they hate White people, and they hate men. You need to get used to this. It will never again be anything but what it is now.

How shall we then live?

1. Do not return hate for hate. If the hate comes with bullets, return bullets if you must, but not out of lust to kill. You do have the right to defend yourself.

2. Discipline your mind to stay rational and curious. Read and investigate as if you did not have anyone who agreed with you. You must keep from becoming pathological in your thinking and speech just because you are the minority.

3. Defend other Whites, men, and Conservatives. If you are a Bible believer, defend Bible believers. If this requires doing harm to Leftists, do it. The Left has no inalienable right to destroy people.

4. Take the high ground by using true facts and reason against the Left. They are so ingrown and simple minded that they can be easily destroyed in real debate. Do so, and make no apologies.

Here is an example of a brat trying to interview Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern. You will see that the man is desperate to stick his victims with guilt for something. This is not an interview, this is war. Stefan bashes right back eventually and calls the man on his tricks.

The classic moment in this video was when Stefan asked the dim bulb to define "the extreme Left and the extreme Right." The idiot had no idea what they were. This is because his university professors and Hillary Clinton never defined the extreme Left or extreme Right. This proves me right. Being on the Left is not about rational thinking, it is about who to hate.

This is the philosophical foundation of the ongoing Civil War in America. If you do not join the Hate fest of the Left, you are the enemy, and you must be killed. Extreme Leftists most certainly would kill me if they could get away with it. That is one reason I like Texas. A Leftist in Texas who attacks a White person, male person, Christian, or Conservative will get more lead back than he sends. But, he needs to make his first shot count, because I will not shoot first. I fully intend to end up on the high ground morally.

This Civil War is not my idea of how to live. It is being forced upon me and my friends by rabid dogs who want to see blood flow. I will try to make sure their blood is mingled with mine before the party is over. But, for the record, bleeding to death in the street is not my idea of social justice and cultural fellowship. They asked for war, and they will get it.

FINAL THOUGHT: If you watched the whole video, you heard the interviewer say, "I think I'm a little more understanding." This tells me that we must never give up on a sincere seeker. The young buck came on rather sinister, but he ended admitting he had learned something. Do not make Conservatism, maleness, Christianity, or Whiteness a private club. Be willing to welcome cross overs.

Proverbs 11:25 The liberal (generous) soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.