Wednesday, November 7, 2018


This is what a feminist terrorist looks like. She demands that the Police respond to her on her terms. She threatens the Police with revenge by using her position as a public servant.

There was a very good reason for not giving her any information. If the cop gave out one detail to her that differed in the least from what he got from the driver, the case would be thrown out of court, and the cop could end up being reprimanded. 

Also, the cop needed the permission from the driver to give out information. That is why the woman kept the kids away from the conversation. She was setting a trap for the officer to incriminate himself.

Men..... stay away from Jezebels like this woman. They will do anything to destroy a man. Just walk off and leave them stewing in their own juices. If they grab at you, that is physical assault. What you do next is your choice under the law.

It has been a long time since anyone seemed to qualify for our famous Dead Skunk Award, but this woman is worthy.

When you answer a woman, and she refuses to accept the answer, you have a faminazi on your hands. If you keep talking, you will end up in court and paying some big cash to the woman. Indeed, you may end up being accused of sexual assault.