Sunday, November 4, 2018


Richard Dawkins is the most mean tempered angry creep from the discipline of Evolutionary Science. His rage is well known, and many Evolutionists consider him a very poor "scholar," and a embarrassing pest.


Dawkins made this video to mock at faith, and he tries to justify his rage and hate which he makes no effort to restrain. In the video, Dawkins shows no examples of joy and love as taught in the Bible. He only shows symbolic examples of times when religion ran into the ditch. He gives the impression that God likes these horrid examples of backslidden religion.


The famous evolutionists who run the seminar and speaking circuit, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens, have no smile. They have no joy. They have no message of hope that they preach. They are mean tempered and raging mad. 

A reasonable man, if he were a mature minded Evolutionist, would not become a missionary for Evolution. He would not spend his whole life trying to help other people hate God and Christians. He would live his life out, knowing he had only one life to live and then oblivion. Why spend a life raging around the world preaching hate in the name of Charles Darwin?

The reason is, Richard Dawkins BELIEVES there is a God, and he hates that God. He needs to hear himself blasting Christians and the Bible, and he feeds his terrified soul on the applause of the mob before him. There is no other explanation why Dawkins wastes his life as a missionary for hate and rage.

Have you ever noticed that Evolutionists have no smile.

They have no music. They do not sing when they gather to rage and puke up their hate.

There are no proverbs or sayings that encourage moral behavior in Evolution. Like, "As thou wouldst that men do unto you, do ye also unto them."

There are no hospitals anywhere on earth that were built by Evolutionists. There are Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, heretic Seventh Day Adventist and Mormon, and even a couple Muslim hospitals. But, Evolution has no instinct to do good to other men.

So, what are the redeeming qualities of Evolution? The answer is, there are none. This is because Evolution has no moral ground to stand on, and because of that, there is no incentive in Evolution to do good works.

Now, come with me to Washington DC. We will visit the House of Representatives and the Senate. In these political bodies we find about 50% angry raging complainers. They are also called Democrats. Many Americans are asking why the Democrats are so full of hate and rage. The answer is this.....

Democrats are Atheists. They may claim a religion, but in their souls they hate God, and they love murder. They are absolutely terrified that Roe and Wade will be revisited, and the conservative leaning Supreme Court will come to the rescue of unborn babies and rule against abortion. Democrats virtually live to see babies killed, and they crave news every day that another man has been emotionally and professionally destroyed by a feminazi making sex abuse accusations.

It is time for Americans to see that The Democratic Party, and the Atheist Evolutionists of America are one and the same animal. They hate God. 

This is why Hillary, Obama, and all the Liberal Democrat leaders are all talking about "Freedom of worship" instead of freedom of religion. You see, religion is something that defines your zeal, and religion is found in the soul of man. Worship is something you do in a piece or real estate which is licensed by the IRS to do business. Once religious freedom is vested in a worship place, under the auspicious of the IRS, religious zeal can be outlawed in public life.

Thus, Liberal Progressive Democrats, and Atheist Evolutionists, are raging mad and belching hate non-stop. They live for one thing..... to kill God.

Here is Billy Joel singing about Richard Dawkins

And he'll go to the grave as an angry old man.....