Friday, November 30, 2018


All I have for you this time is one documentary. It is a compilation of new facts and research. The video will show you that radiation from Fukushima is totally out of control. The plume which blew into the upper atmosphere in the first few days is now settling back to earth. 

Cesium is totally off the charts, it is being found at deadly levels in Montana, and Japan is absolutely covering up the deadly contamination of Tokyo. The population is being contaminated so badly that it is known that millions of Japanese will soon begin dying off.

The facts in the video confirm my suggestion from day one that Americans should not be eating vegetables and fruit grown in the California central valleys, wine from Northern California, and fruit from inland orchards in Washington State and Oregon.

We do not eat any fish or shrimp from Pacific Ocean waters. 80% of the salmon did not return to spawn in the rivers this last year. The Pacific Ocean is in the process of total die off, and the fishing industry is collapsing. You are insane if you eat any fish from the Pacific.

What we are talking about is the day some highly placed US Government official bells the cat. The food supply from California grown or harvested from coastal zones will be condemned, and California will go totally bankrupt. Even further inland, prevailing winds from Alaska and the northern oceans will be shown to be contaminating middle USA food supplies and crops. This could be the thing that pulls down the USA as an empire.

The harsh reality is that crops clear across the USA are contaminated to some degree. The only areas that may be fairly safe are Florida and Texas crops which are grown far south. The safest food in our stores comes from Chile and other points south of the Equator.

Here is the video:

If you live in California, my advice to you is, eat food imported into California from other states. Do not swim in the ocean anywhere on the West Coast of the USA. Best option..... leave California. Your air and water has to be red hot with radiation. If you do nothing to defend yourself from this danger, you will one day be told  you have cancer or Alzheimer's, and it will be too late to repair the damage.