Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Our first course in SENILITY IN GOVERNMENT came by courtesy of Hillary Clinton.

Our second course in SENILITY IN GOVERNMENT comes to us courtesy of Joe Biden.

Biden has more than a problem groping for the dames. He also has a problem groping for words.


I predict that the Dems will cheer and cheer louder and louder as Biden garbles his speech. That is what they did with Hillary. There were actually times when the crowd of Democrats applauded when Hillary had a brain fart.

What does this say about Democrats?

We may now assume that loyal Democrats are deeply impressed and satisfied when their leaders go senile and make it glaringly clear that they are not fit to run for even the office of dog catcher. Dems love their leaders dumb as snot and worrying that Guam will tip over if we add more troops to it.

This is very troubling because election voting count indicates that we are talking here about 50% of all Americans. This may explain why the Dems are so eager to flood America with mentally slow and deluded illegals who have been rejected from South and Central America.

It is a great honor and pleasure to BALAAM'S ASS SPEAKS BLOG to award the Dead Skunk Award to Blubbering Joe Biden. He didn't look left, and he didn't look right, and there you are.