Saturday, April 6, 2019


Pardon the pun. This is not a funny discussion really.

 A deadly fungus, a mutation of candida, is running loose in the whole world, and all the hospitals and government health agencies of he world are hiding it.

Its kill rate is very high, and it is even more terrifying, in that, it is almost impossible to clean out of an infected area.

This article gives me the information that tells me the fungus is in Texas. There is no mention  of the fungus and immigration of millions of people from south of the border, and no mention is made of immigrants into Europe from the Third World.

The Liberal Democrats, as they insist in flooding America with Third World people, may one day be blamed if the USA is hopelessly infested with this fungus. How stupid are Democrats? This stupid.

So, even this article is lacking in some information. I believe these occasional outbursts of deadly incurable diseases are a harbinger of what is coming in the Great Tribulation prophesied in the Bible.

My suggestion, based on my experience in Africa with Cholera and other deadly epidemics, is that you pass on invasive tests like angiograms and prostate biopsies. Live with the issue and try to manage it with medications and supplements. In a word, stay out of hospitals at all costs. An ER unit will be a very risky place to be. Avoid visiting patients unless it is a very personal family issue. If you have to take care of a health issue in a hospital, take large doses of supplements before and after the visit to boost your immune system.


In order to learn if there is a contamination issue in hospitals in your area, ask any nurses you know to let you know if there is anything going on. If a nurse of doctor tells you to stay away from some medical facility, or anyone else tells you to stay out of a school or facility, do not run around telling everyone what you heard. Investigators can track you and possibly learn who talked to you, and that person could lose their job. The methods of tracking and listening to us are infinite these days.

The article also caused me to consider buying only organic produce for our home. But, employees in markets will be handling both the organic and non-organic produce, and they could spread infection. We are basically in real trouble if this fungus starts spreading. And, like with AIDS in the 1980s, the CDC, and other Government agencies, will cover this up for a long time. Once this news gets out, the idiots in high places will learn that covering it up will cause a lot more panic than talking about it.