Sunday, October 29, 2017


The old Silk Road of China is being rebuilt by President Xi and his servants. This is no faux Great Leap Forward of Chairman Mao's day. Those great leaps of long ago were a total failure every time. 

This time, China is clearly trying to build rail and road connections to Europe and the Middle East which will give China a fantastic market for their manufacturing giants, AND the roads will bring tourists to China from that whole area.

China is also building railways for African nations so that they can reach African markets and ship natural resources out of Africa to China. Ethiopia has just opened it new high speed railway to the Red Sea which is getting Chinese products, made in Ethiopia by cheap labor, out to the world. And, China is building a railway right now from central Kenya to the Indian Ocean. Again, they will be starting factories in Kenya to take advantage of cheap labor. And, Kenya goods will be moved over the new Silk Road across the oceans of the world to Wal Mart etc.

The USA has fallen far behind in the dust as China is roaring along. My correspondent puts it this way:
You know how I've been saying that the Chinese intend to deny the seas to the USA by finding a weapon to sink our carriers.  This article reveals that the Chinese are simply bypassing the seas.  Aircraft from a carrier can only fly inland for as far as it has the fuel to do so.  I still think the Chinese want a weapon to neutralize our carriers, but their overland routes will squeeze us out of every European, Asian, and African market and make it easy for them to compete with us militarily by proxy or head-to-head.  Plus, the land routes will take oil and minerals back to China from wherever they get them from.  We had better take total control of this hemisphere, and sit here securely, or lose everything.

So, the battle of nerves over the South China Sea Islands is all window dressing. The real parade is from China to Europe overland.

If you look at the map at the above site, you will see the four paths of the new Silk Road. One path leads down through Iran and Saudi Arabia and to Turkey. It is clear that China intends to have a presence in Israel also. To the Bible student, this brings to mind the prophecy that the Kings of the East will march against Israel to join in the Battle of Armageddon during the Great Tribulation. This rail and road pathway China will soon build into the Middle East will provide the way for the 200 million soldiers to travel.

As the prophetic landmarks keep coming in view, we are reminded that the USA has NO place in Bible prophecy. Thus, as I have hammered over and over, God will soon do something to the USA that will force us to pull back from our hegemony of the world by our Military and bankers. Our days are most certainly numbered.

And, contrary to what some of you diddle heads think, President Trump will not save America from her final fate. He is NOT God's man to save America. He is God's man to destroy America, and he is busy at work doing that. Witness his total disinterest in Africa as China takes over there.

One fascinating anomaly in the above picture is the northern track of the new Silk Road. It goes right through Russia. It causes us to wonder if China, during the End Times, comes to dominate Russia in trade and possibly economically. This whole thing bears some close watching (handy pun there for free).

Finally, the end of the road through southeast Asia is just across the straits from Australia. I am convinced that this road will be extended, possibly by a causeway over to Australia to glean business and build factories in Australia while raping their natural resources. A causeway in that area is doable because the continental shelf connects Asia with Australia and the water is shallow.