Monday, October 9, 2017


Sorry for the click bait, but it is based in a very real possibility. It now appears that Russia can, and has, hacked our voting machines. Here is the story from DEFCON.


The only way I can see for the US to protect its voting system is to go back to paper ballots and hand counting. At the most, punch cards.

If the Republicans and Democrats do not join forces and take charge at once, the USA will truly see candidates campaigning in Moscow and Beijing one day.

The other issue is what DEFCON added. The electrical grid of the USA could be taken down whenever Putin wants it. 

Now, if that is possible, could Putin also shut down our cars and trash their computers? Could the air traffic control system be hacked and destroyed for good? Could he hack our personal computers and force us to pay to play? He would obviously conceal some of this by making sure the trial leads back to Iran or Pakistan or some other marginal "friend" of the USA.

Will World War Three be fought right here on my blog and your computer? If so, I am not ready. I need a B-52 and a hundred hydrogen bombs for my part. 

The Bible tells us that the Battle of Armageddon will be fought on horse back with steel weapons. Bible prophecy teachers have tried to rationalize how this could happen in the new future with all the technology now used in battle. Maybe God intends to send the world leaders strong delusion so that they destroy the whole world technology system so that the next war, Number Four in the Valley of Decision, will have to be fought with primitive World War One weapons or even earlier.

You may mock at me, but that simply shows that you are not looking far enough down the road of the future of technology. It is a deadly world where evil lurks 24/7. It is not a joke to speculate that the whole technology world grid could self-destruct one day courtesy of some cyber terrorist, or a nation like North Korea who needs a last ditch weapon against the world.

What is very clear is that the election system in the USA is a big joke, and 2018 will be a total disaster. And, it seems clear that the slugs in Congress will sit and pick their nose while the world burns. At least Nero had a little more class than that. He played the fiddle while Rome burned. We don't even get music from Congress while they play the fool.

Hey, Nancy Pelosi, could you stutter out a bill to rescue the election system? See of John McCain will help you. He is over there in the corner picking his nose.