Tuesday, October 24, 2017


What news anchor writes a letter, and then breaks down and weeps because his own words move him so much?

Answer: Don Lemon.

This is the extreme dramatics which the Liberal scum bag Left will go to while they try to win back their audience. Don Lemon is a loser. He is guilty of Fake News tricks many times over, and he virtually hates Donald Trump. 

I just want you to know that as I write this blog post, I am breaking down in scalding white hot tears. You need to know that I amaze myself so greatly, and I love myself even more than Don Lemon loves himself. Ain't no jerkawallah at CNN going to out emote me (wiping eyes with Kleenex).


What a ham. He claims this open letter to the President is "personal". That is a bold faced lie. Lemon is strutting his stuff like a drag queen at a Gay Pride rally. His letter is for the sole purpose of raising the level of hostilities at CNN against Trump. Lemon has no sincere feeling for the widow. She is simply being used as cannon fodder in the war on the Presidency and America.

This whole thing that Lemon hatched up is very sour (Free pun as you weep). I also find it very hard to believe that Trump would pick up the phone without the name of the soldier in front of him. It looks to me like the widow was been had by Liberal Leftist thugs who are using her to attack Trump. I cannot see a man who has finessed a financial empire by schmoozing thousands of people bungling up a phone call the way Lemon claims he did.

So, weep on, sour puss. Your tears may impress you, and they may impress Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, but the masses of America are not impressed with your Broadway production.

For his acting role in the Broadway hit, "The Lemon Squeezed, is the Lemon drip," Balaam's Ass Speaks wishes to give Don Lemon of CNN the Dead Skunk Award. He is worthy.

My letter to Donny Lemon:

Dear Don Lemon:

This is NOT a "personal" letter like you claimed you wrote to President Trump. My letter, and I tell the truth, is written to amuse and charm my readers and make them imagine I am a clever humorist and writer. So, this will show you, Don, how to tell the truth about your real motives.

I do not believe that letter you burped up was your own work. It was the most subtle emotional and well composed piece of editorial I have heard in many years. It was vicious, hateful, and raging as you attempted to belittle the President. But, the letter was genius. 

So, who rally wrote it, sir? I suspect a young lady over in the corner wrote the letter for you. She was a bright clever lady who threw all of her feminazi emotions into the letter, and what she handed you was priceless, that is, if hate for the President is noble.

You wanted Trump to confess his sins, right? Well, why don't you, Donny boy, belly up to the mic and tell us who really wrote that letter you spewed at us? You simply are not smart enough to do that on your own.

Sincerely weeping as I write,

Steve Van Nattan
Somewhere in Texas