Thursday, October 19, 2017

TEXAS.............. AGAIN

We have some mighty fine neighbors here in Texas.

The thing I like about Texas, compared with the sorry blue states, is that God is still at home in Texas. We went to Chui's restaurant yesterday, and the silverware was put in a paper folder on the table. On the back of the folder were three prayers suggested to offer before eating, one for Catholics, one for Protestants, and one for Jews.

If your soul is worn thin by God and Christ hatred in your state, why don't you move to Texas? You will find that God too may have moved to Texas.

You will also learn, after you have moved in, wherever you end up in Texas, that it only takes about 48 hours to develop a great attitude change in Texas. And, you will find that Texans will welcome you at once and offer you kindness if you are shooting the same direction they are.