Tuesday, October 17, 2017


The whores are fingering the famous Amos and Pimp, Bobbie Weinstein. Suddenly, these whores and whorelettes who traded their virginity for fame and fortune are incensed and insulted that they were not treated like Mother Theresas when they arrived in Hellywood long ago.

Bill Crosby only recently went the way of all media flesh and had to cleanse his soul of sin publicly. This is a very old story, and only fools who live at a distance from Hellywood believe there are ANY clean stars in that filth hole.

In know why these starlets are coming out and accusing Weinstein. They hope he will be convicted of sex crimes in criminal court. That would give them legal leverage to sue him in civil court and reap a great harvest of his gold. The whores of Weinstein are not nearly are violated as you might think. They are simply whores.

My uncle worked in Hellywood as a stage hand changing the backdrops for movie scenes. He told my Dad that the stars and starlets would openly jump into the backdrop sheets and have sex with one another with no discrimination. They were addicted to sex then, and that was circa 1935.

My friend Lloyd was a cabinet maker who did custom work for the very rich in Beverly Hills and Hellywood. He said he redid all the cabinets in a mansion there, and the owner, who was very famous, was going to have a big party to show off his remodeled mansion. He invited Lloyd, as a sort of sweet gesture to an ordinary person, to come to the party and rub elbows with the rich and famous. He went, and when he entered the mansion, a girl at a desk asked him if he would like to check his clothes. He was confused, so he went to look into the area where the party was in full swing. He said every one of the people in there were stark naked. Rubbing elbows with the famous is only a small part of the process. Lloyd fled in disgust.

And, now the gods and goddesses of Hellywood have made themselves naked and vile to America, and your gods are now nothing but White and Black trash. I long ago, because of all the stories I head growing up in the LA area, learned to assume that virtually ALL movie and music stars in Hellywood were sex perverts. This goes all the way through the music industry. I used to be a fan of Virgil Fox, a great pipe organ performer. Then, someone who knew him told me he was a queer. Barf The fact that your hero plays JS Bach does not mean he keeps his pants on.

You have another mob of gods who have let you down, right. Oh, my my, what a shock to learn that so many Black football players hate America, Whites, and the flag. They are destroying the very temples where they gather in the gold from you suckers.

The shock and awe you feel and talk about is hog wash. You have made the least useful people of society your gods and goddesses, and you have no business being disappointed. A man plays a game, and he boozes and runs crack up his nose every weekend, and you look the other way because he is you favorite god of the pig skin.

There are men all throughout American society and life who risk their lives every day for you, and you worship at the shrine of the NFL. What a jerk you are.

Psalms 135:5 For I know that the LORD is great, and that our Lord is above all gods.

Psalms 59:5 Thou therefore, O LORD God of hosts, the God of Israel, awake to visit all the heathen: be not merciful to any wicked transgressors. Selah.

And, what shall we say about these churches that have a TV playing on Super Bowl Sunday instead of worshiping God and having godly fellowship?

Psalms 79:1 O God, the heathen are come into thine inheritance; thy holy temple have they defiled; they have laid Jerusalem on heaps.

When I was in Bible college in southern California, there was a girl in the college who was singing with a famous Christian orchestra. They were based in Hellywood, and she traveled there often to sing for their record albums. The orchestra leader was reputed to be a great Christian gentleman, but he had a very sensual fetish lust for this girl. She was in awe of him, and she swooned every time she talked about him. She was a busty Marilyn Monroe type of girl. So, the gods of Christendom are also found in Hellywood, and they behave just like Bobbie Weinstein.

Around sixty years ago a Christian lady named Virginia Walker wanted to be a professional singer for Christian churches. She wanted the best voice training, so she enrolled in the Julliard School of Music in New York City. She reached the point when she was to do her final student performance and recital, and she was assigned to sing an Italian opera. She was practicing it, and she realized she had no idea what she was singing. She knew an Italian grocer in the neighborhood, so she took the opera around to him and asked him to translate it into English. 

The Italian grocer told her not to worry about the words, just sing the opera. She pressed him, and he finally said he would be embarrassed to do that for a lady. The words were nasty. Virginia Walker quit the Julliard at once and fled home to the local church and the people of God. God still used her and her music for her whole life.

I have one more issue I need to vent. I went into a Fundamental Baptist preacher's office one day, and in the corner was a life sized cardboard version of John Wayne. Around the office were other memorabilia of John Wayne. I about puked. John Wayne made it very clear that he had no need for God or religion. He was a hard drinking hard living piece of Hellywood filth. Ten minutes before he died, his family called a Catholic priest and asked them to give him the last rights. They must have known he was a God hater, but they wanted to see if they could slip him into Heaven under God's nose. I suppose they paid some high prices to buy Novenas and Masses to be said for Wayne later. This information is from my contacts who knew about John Wayne. IS THIS YOUR RELIGION? Or, maybe you like the hick burp Gaither version LIKE THIS.

Added Later: I feel I need to challenge some Christians for their deification of political figures. In particular, President Trump has been touted in near Messianic terms by many pastors and Christian leaders. Trump is no saint, and he is not going the rescue America from anything. Charismatics claim that Trump is God's "anointed one." What crass blasphemy. God allowed him to be President as an alternative to Hillary Clinton, who is goddess of Christ hating Liberals. 

Are you claiming Trump is some sort of God fearing special saint and exalting him as the Savior of America? If so, you have no true Savior, for that is Christ. You may not even be born again. How can you exalt a man who says, "Grab the girls by the p___y?" You are a reprobate follower of pagan gods.

What filthy things are you doing in order to be well employed? What gods of sports and Hellywood win your regular homage at the temple of TV or the Internet? Long ago there was a man who was not so famous when he was a young man. He was content to be a simple carpenter. Later, God used his Son to found the Christian Church, and he saved hundreds of millions of souls from sin and death. Is he really your only God?

What would you do to be clean again? Do you have heathen fetishes in your home or office to the gods of sport and Hellywood that need to be burned? The missionaries used to insist that true believers in Africa burn all their heathen fetishes.

Here is a fetish burning by Zulu Christians.

Since the beginning of the revival in 1967 God has been convicting people about their occult possessions and their stolen property. If things cannot be returned to their owner they are brought to be burned. Every now and then a huge public bonfire is made to burn these witchcraft fetishes and stolen articles.

Should you have a burning service to get clean?