Wednesday, May 24, 2017


The key word in the American culture today is CONTEMPT.

On all sides, the President, the media, in universities, in waiting rooms, and in church foyers, we hear people grinding their teeth over the wicked empire across from them. To Liberal Democrats, that would be Republicans and Donald Trump. To Republicans it would be Liberals, Obama and his dark government, and George Soros.

Lies, Fake News, and Conspiracy Theories are the vehicle that drives this contempt and hate.

Will we all sink into the Hell of wretchedness and morbidity, or will we cleanse our souls of this rubbish?

My I make some suggestions.

1. When you hear someone rag on the adversary, such as Donald Trump, ask that person if they would be fair enough to give him credit for even one good move. It they ask what that is, tell them that he just made a trip to the Middle East where he was able to call together the largest gathering of Arab national leaders in many years in the cause of stopping terrorism, and they loved him. If the person across from you mocks, get up and walk away. This will let them know there is at least one person in America who will not tolerate white hot mindless hate.

2. When you hear someone thrashing Barak Obama, ask the person if they can think of at least one thing Obama did right. When they ask what that is, remind them of the beer garden event when Obama cleaned up the mess made by the racist PhD whom the cop accosted for trying to break into his own home. The thing was defused and went away. If the person mocks at you or claims Obama was just playing games, walk away, even if it is your pastor. This will let the bigot know that they have a sour soul, and you are not willing to participate.

3. The most obvious trick is, when you hear someone making vile references to other people, political or otherwise, make a comment clear off topic about how good the weather is. Or, tell them your beans are doing better this year than anytime in you your gardening experience. If they miss the point, walk away. Let them realize someone in the world does not want his soul soured.

4. When someone remarks that some politician needs to drop dead or be done away with, ask them if they would do the killing if you loaned them a gun. This is the asymmetrical trick of driving the folly to its end conclusion to show how stupid it is. Also, remind them that their words were probably caught by NSA, and they are now on a watch list for the rest of their life.

5. If a conversation at the office goes to hate and rage over some person, have this song bookmarked or iconed on your desk top: Bring it up FULL SCREEN, AND HIGH VOLUME

When someone complains or asks what it is all about, tell them..........

"I don't know about you, but I've got it pretty good. And, I'm about fed up with all the whining."

Here's another great song to stop a gripe whine session: