Monday, May 15, 2017


The Ransomware attack is now in full swing.

So, are we going to blame Putin for this, or will someone get fired at NSA for developing this criminal software? And, who left the back door open? Their head should roll also.


What if the biological warfare people at Fort Detrick let a killer virus loose? Would anyone complain, and would anyone be charged with criminal negligence? 

The media and all the talking heads want us to all join in a hate fest for Putin second only for the hate fest for Trump. Why do we need to hate Putin? His people did not invent this Ransomware and turn it loose on the world.

The UN Government, especially intelligence agencies, seem to be the biggest thugs on earth, and no one can stop them. We are looking down the road at the day when the FBI, CIA, IRS, and other such agencies tell every American what to do next, including the President. Homeland Security has already told us we are "potential terrorists," all of us. We have also been told to watch one another all the time and be ready to fink on anyone acting strange.

So, the victims of the US juggernaut are "we the people,"

This is the stuff of which revolutions have been made in past history. So, where next?

My son in IT warned me that the key to avoid this is not to open ANYTHING strange in email. This means losing customers for a while for businesses. And, missing out on new friends for personal users is a good plan. Only open known friends' mail. Especially do not open attachments.