Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Here is an analysis of Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey:


So, who does Trump meet with the next day?


So, Trump arranged a meeting with Foreign Minister Lavrov of Russia the day after he fired Comey. There are no accidents in Donald Trump the Deal Maker. There is a calculated drama in this timing. It seems to me that Trump is sending Congress a message. "I can get along without you." The Democrats will all scream for Trump to be investigated, that is did indeed collude with Putin, and they will eventually drive the juggernaut into impeachment.

This will tie up Congress in impeachment hearings and argument, and Trump will get very little done through Congress. He had to know that when he set up the events now playing out. Why would he WANT this kind of trouble?

The answer seems obvious to me. Trump WANTS Congress to go on the offensive so that his grass roots people see him as a victim. He will then rule by Executive Order and Regulation.

There is a name for a man who alienates himself from the political system on purpose..... Fascist.

This is a good day for Donald Trump, and I think things will go exactly like he wants them. I am not so sure this is a good day for America. The vast majority of Conservatives will not see what is coming, and they will cheer as Trump makes himself the adversary of Congress.

The Liberals will also not see what is coming, and they will attack like mad dogs. Their attack will waste away as they try to find, or manufacture, collusion between Trump and Russia.
If Trump were not sure of himself, he would not have just had a visit with the main man of President Nixon, Henry (NWO) Kissinger. This man is the most deadly force to stalk the halls of the US Government in the last 50 years.


The entrance of Kissinger into Trump's world signals a clear shift in policy. Trump is waltzing into the territory of New World Order movers and shakers. We all wondered when Trump would do this, and it is now official. No President who wants to keep himself clean from NWO slime would let Kissinger anywhere near him.

This entrance of Mr. K also signals that Trump is now ready to kill thousands of innocent citizens somewhere in the world. Kissinger is the most prolific killer in the USA. He will encourage Trump to "raise the level of hostilities." Mr. K also told Trump to attack North Korea..... you can count on that.

Having said that, I will now defend Trump's firing of Comey.

When General MacArthur told President Harry Truman that he was going to invade China against the orders of Truman, good old Harry, the nice guy from Missouri, fired MacArthur. The Republicans of that era raged, just like the Dems are now raging. But, when a subordinate in the US Military, or a Government employee, takes charge UP the chain of command, he can be very thankful he is in America. In most nations in the world, that person would swing from a new rope or eat lead.

It needs to be noted that when President Truman fired General MacArthur, Truman flew across the Pacific to Guam and fired the General in person. Trump is not quite the man of honor Harry Truman was. James Comey learned he was fired from a television news cast. Trump is too small to do such things in person. That is another sign of Fascism. Stealth is used in an obnoxious way by small big men.

I also believe that Comey's tricks did do damage to Hillary Clinton, as did her Liberal Feminazi friend Justice Ginsburg. The fact that I did not want Hillary elected does not mean I need to approve of lawless harm done to Hillary.

James, my man, you need to shut your blasted mouth, and leave town. You took charge, made decisions you had no business making, and you got the ax.

It has been some time since we awarded the Dead Skunk Award to someone worthy. I believe that James Comey has made himself qualified by being insubordinate to his superiors and violating his job description....... THUS

He should looked Left, and he should have looked Right.


Dick Morris makes is very clear that Comey was still shielding the Clintons and their Foundation. He had to be fired so that the investigation could go forward. Trump thus makes it very clear that he is gunning for the Clintons, and you may read one day soon that they decided to move to Fiji or the Bahamas.