Monday, May 29, 2017


The Neo-Marxist left, under the morbid leadership of Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, and other such beasts of prey, have inherited the kingdom from Marxists who started taking America apart back in the 1950s.

John Dewey gave the public schools a system of education which was not a system. It was a process of turning classrooms into propaganda centers and teaching kids to hate Jesus Christ, the rule of law, and America. All Progressive Liberals hate America.

I was subjected to John Dewey teaching methods when I was in third grade in Los Angeles, California. I was so advanced in my class that they decided to skip me forward half a year. In fact, all I did was finger paint and tell lies in "Show and Tell" time. This endeared me to the Principal so much that he selected me to appear on Art Linkletter's House Party. When my parents moved to the High Desert of California, the traditional education principal there nearly put me back into second grade because I was dumb as snot and had learned nothing. I know whereof I speak.

It has been a long trip between John Dewey and Nancy Pelosi. Thus, Barak Obama was to be the final move in the Neo-Marxist asymmetric warfare juggernaut plan. The plan was to abandon the revolutionary method of launching a gun and knife war like Joseph Stalin and Mao Se Tung, and destroy American culture, morality, patriotism, and religious zeal from the inside. It worked great. Half of you reading here hate Jesus Christ and America, and you think Joel Osteen's toothy grin is inspired by the Holy Ghost.

The idea was to use the half of America that hated America and Jesus Christ to overwhelm the other half. This worked with Obama, but Donald Trump, for whatever his inner motive, caught the wave of resentment of the other half of America. Hillary was supposed to finish what Obama had started by taking over the Supreme Court which had throttled Obama.

The failure of the Progressive Liberals to take over and finally control the US Government is why Liberals are raging and full of hate today. These people now want to burn America down. Obama is running around shadowing Donald Trump trying to make a fool of him. 

Obama has, unlike any President before him, dedicated his life to destroying Trump and all order in America. His plan is that of Mahatma Gandhi, but in Obama's case, resistance will NOT be passive. Obama hopes to start a street war that will bring America to martial law and destroy the present order.

Such rebellions historically always backfire when the other side rebels, and in America that will happen when states start seceding and going their own way. If even one state secedes, the whole nation will fly apart as states see that staying in the union will be financial suicide.


If you don't like the prospects of Obama's Marxist model for America, YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE ACTION.

American Christians need to stop attacking Donald Trump. He may have moral defects, but God put him in power (if you really believe the Bible) to stop the Neo-Marxist juggernaut. We need to be thankful to God for that. So, patriotism would be in order if we do not mix the Bible up with patriotism. Defend Trump, but stop claiming Trump is "the man of God." He is a fallen sinner who cannot get one thing right about the Christian faith.

Next, we must fight back. 

I had some boys driving by and shooting paint balls at my house in Tennessee. I called the sheriff and asked him what people in Tennessee do with such issues. He said, "Give them back more than they gave you." Now, that was great news as to law enforcement policy, but I had to think for a while to come up with more fire power but not a gun. I settled for a sling shot. I never had to use it, and I suspect the sheriff knew the boys and called their Daddy to warn him I was laying for his boys, and someone might be buying a new windshield soon.

We must give Progressive Liberals back more than they give us. They want all religion to be taken to the place of worship and banned from the public square. Thus, pray in public, and have Bible studies in restaurants. When you pray over a meal in public with friends, DO NOT pray silently. Pray out loud, and I would suggest you ask the people around you if they would like to pray with you. If some pansy complains, tell them to stick their fingers in their ears. Take charge, and show no mercy on the wicked.

Your kids are being taught Atheist doctrines in school, and the Liberals are bringing Islamic teachings and prayers into public schools as a way of destroying worship of Jesus Christ. Teach your kids that God is in the sides of the North according to the Bible (Psalms 48:2).

If your kid is invited to learn to pray like a Muslim, tell him to ask the teacher which way is north, bow in that direction, and recite the Lord's Prayer. If the teacher makes trouble for your child, sue the school district. And, sue them for enough hard cash to make them think twice about doing more of these Satanic lessons. It has been ruled in Federal Court that a child in the public schools cannot be forbidden from practicing his religion.

Street preaching is a great way to publicly keep Christ on main street in America. Holding a Bible sign is another. Stay away from patriotic demonstrations. You are nowhere in the Bible told to promote the nationalist principles. When they are brought up, take a fierce Conservative position, but avoid mixing Jesus Christ with the US Constitution. The Constitution is a human document with flaws. It happens to be useful for restraining evil.

When you see Muslims, give them tracts written for Muslims. Learn about Islam from my book online so you can tell them some of the most gross things they believe by quoting the Quran and the Hadith (Sayings of Mohammed). Show no mercy. Be prepared to trash Islam in public places, especially when a Muslim tries to promote some aspect of Sharia Law.
Why mix Islam with Progressive Liberal warfare?

Answer: Islam is the best ally of the Liberals in America. They both hate Jesus Christ, and they need to be stuffed into the same box so they aggravate one another. Remind your Liberal lady associate that she will not be able to go half naked in public if Sharia Law ever prevails in America. And, she will be beaten regularly by any Muslim who does not approve of her.


Find a tract on Progressive Liberalism and Neo-Marxism to hand out in the market place. If you cannot find one, write one yourself using your own software and printer.

Now, here are a couple of hard concepts from the Word of God which you may not like so much. Up to here, I have told you some aggressive things to do to Progressive Liberal Neo-Marxists.

Romans 12:20 Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.

When you find a Liberal at work or in any situation where you are thrown together, do acts of kindness to them. Help them solve problems. When they ask you why you do this, tell them something like this, "I know you hate Christians and Jesus Christ, you hate moral principles, and you generally hate the system of government of the USA. So, you are the enemy of God, and that makes you my enemy also. I am told in the Bible to show great kindness and generosity to my enemies, so I have determined to do good to you for the glory of God."

That may end your friendship with them, but it may also force them to stop and compare the white hot hate that fills their soul with the love and kindness in you.

Another way to destroy the effects of Neo-Marxism on the American culture is to take a public stand on moral issues. When people are talking about being tolerant of evil, like sodomy, transgenderism, and abortion, bluntly state the teaching of the Word of God, AND NEVER BACK DOWN. 

You may want to let the wicked start the conversation so that you can claim later that it was their idea. When some event is planned which involves some immoral aspect, refuse to go. The men at work may want to go to lunch and invite you along. Be sure to ask where they are going. If it is Hooters, tell them you like your wife's breasts just fine, and you will not be joining them. Stop worrying about judging sinners. They NEED judging, and you are told to do so by Christ:

John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

There is a time to use asymmetrical warfare. That is, use tactics which are subtle but deadly. Think of ways to disrupt sodomite events and Islamic functions and demonstrations. Keep it legal, but do what you can to disrupt or add confusion to such events. 

Go to school board meetings, and ask blunt questions and make complaints. Take along a hand out that will spell out in detail the evil activities you are dealing with. When I was pastoring in California, I went to school board meetings and made complaints and asked blunt questions. They moved the school board meetings to Wednesday night because they knew we had prayer meeting on that night. So the church moved prayer meeting to Thursday night so I could keep going to the school board meetings. A board member came to me quietly later and asked me to be there every time because he was trying to fight the same evil I was. I had an ally on the board after all.

And, for the record, and to my astonishment, that school board member who was fighting against evil in the schools was an Episcopalian. You never know where you will find an ally until you enter the battle.

Show no mercy on Liberal loud mouths, but do show mercy on disillusioned Progressive Liberals. Reason with them, and show them that they are part of a system designed by Karl Marx and intended to destroy America as we know it. See if you can help them to leave their evil doctrines behind and think rationally. Show them the evidence that Christian truth has helped build America, not destroy it. 

Ask them how many hospitals Liberals and Atheists have built. Then, review all the hospitals built by Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, and Lutherans. Ask them when they have been asked by their leaders to feed the hungry and do good works that did not have a political aspect to it. All community help done by Liberals is a way to buy votes.

Watch this, and then think of Black Americans you know who are Democrats of Liberals:


Lyndon Johnson was a murderer and destroyer. He did everything possible to destroy the Black communities of America while buying them off with hand outs. He once said, after giving Blacks some doubtful benefit, "We will own those niggers for thirty years." Marxism and Liberalism are all about the elite owning the masses and milking them of their wealth.


My final suggestion to you is this. Make fools of Progressive Liberals. Show no mercy.

Some pious reader will cry out that we must be patient and loving in our dealings with these Satanic Christ haters in high places. My answer is, God is not patient with them, and he blasts them:

Psalms 2:1 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?
2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying,
3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.
4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.
5 Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

It is time to vex the wicked and make their lives as miserable as possible.

Progressive Liberals need to be slapped down with great force. They need to be shown to be the village goon and the social pariah of the nation NOW. Their culture needs to be mocked and exposed as filthy in the extreme. Political correctness is for lazy immoral slobs, not for Bible believers.