Tuesday, July 11, 2017



China is whining that they should not have to give North Korea its spanking, so they claim the USA is responsible for North Korea being naughty. Well then, China needs to stay out of the way if we nuke North Korea. 

The problem Trump has with putting the hammer to NK is that we end up feeding the whole nation and trying to rebuild their economy and commercial base. To destroy their government and military toys, and then walk off, would be immoral. The modern American war ethic says that you defeat the enemy, and then you totally rebuild everything you blew up and make the peasants into prosperous middle class lushes who will then vote against the USA in the United Nations. But, this will cost an enormous sum of money to do. Modern wars end up destroying the economy of the victor.

I have a theory about North Korea, and you people must find some way to enrich me for sharing this rare gem with you. Really believable conspiracies do not come cheap.

I do believe that Kim Jong Ding Dong un is doing a carbon copy of The Mouse the Roared, the story of the Duchy of Fenwick which attacked the USA in order to be defeated and have the USA rebuild their economy and commercial base. Peter Sellers played four roles in the movie. I believe Kim has no intention of defeating the USA. He wants to be conquered so that North Korea must be restored to its glory by The Donald. Kim will eventually capitulate on the condition that he be kept on in some significant role, like Royal Game Keeper or Proletarian Dog Catcher.

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