Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Recently, my wife and I decided to avoid Wal Mart completely. The stories of their products being dangerous and trashy are common. But, what bothered us the most was the horrible way Wal Mart treats its employees, and we hate to watch as Wall Mart intentionally enters a community with the stated objective of destroying every small business in town.

Well, that was only a fraction of the issues at Wal Mart. The following 22 items should help you decide if you want to help this company keep brutalizing and abusing people.


To read many more offenses by Wall Mart, type Wall Mart Issues into Google video, and you will see many more ugly stories.

Also, consider the fact that Wall Mart, because they pay so poorly and treat their employees badly, ends up with the bottom of the barrel in employees. To be fair, I have met some very decent employees at Wall Mart. But, in general, they are dull and stupid. They are also long faced from being abused.

In the 1970s, when Sam Walton was expanding across America, I asked Wall Mart employees what it was like to work at Wall Mart. The answer was always exuberant and delighted. They felt important and paid well with good benefits. Today, when I ask them about working at Wall Mart, they groan and complain, or at least refuse to tell me their thoughts.

I went to the department manager of the food area and asked him if he could order a chocolate bar that we had found in a different Wall Mart. He told me to call the corporate offices with my request. He said they did not listen to his advice about anything, but they would listen to me. This shows how utterly stupid the corporate scum are. A manager knows what people are asking for, and if he wants a product added it is because he can sell it. But no, they would listen to me, and my motives are totally one sided and unreliable.

Thus, my personal opinion is:

1. Wall Mart is getting close to a moral and ethical point that K-Mart was at in about 1999. This is always caused by corporate leaders skimming the top off of the company books and abusing the employees. So, I believe that Wall Mart should be helped to die. Someone else will step in and do the job of big box selling, and do it right.

2. I do not trust the employees at Wall Mart. When you hire the low life of the work force in America, you get low life ethics. This is terrifying when one considers the food department in particular. And, this low life ethics comes down from the product line above. Meat processing will be done by trash labor and sick people. Farms in Mexico who supply Wall Mart will be over using weed and pest control chemicals.

Now, it is your turn. Wall Mart is a social event and magnet to millions of Americans. People seem to NEED to roam the aisles of Wall Mart, a bit like going the Disneyland. The marketing people at Wall Mart design the store to be addictive. This, along with the wretched ethics of most Americans, makes sure Wall Mart will probably survive in spite of their lousy ethics.

So, if you are still not sure what to do, watch the videos and decide:

Aged beef is well known to be more tender and tasty, but some of this meat is way beyond "aged". It is rotten. While it will not hurt you, it will not taste good at all. And, if you react to nucleic acid, meat this old is loaded with it.

Below, Wall Mart hamburger DOES HAVE pink slime added.

In all fairness, all the commercial hamburger you buy has pink slime added unless the label says otherwise. Pink slime has been partially cooked which means it could conceivably produce ptomaine poison if left out of refrigeration. Also, ammonia is not food, and it is added to pink slime. It would be safer to pee in your own hamburger to get ammonia if you feel the need for it. The base product of pink slime is meat trash from the meat processing area.

If you never were involved in running a service of business, the following may move you in no way at all. Most of you live for your own lusts, and if someone goes bankrupt, you figure it is all good old capitalism. Well, it is NOT. Wall Mart is a symbol of the ongoing process of raping capitalism and putting America, and much of the rest of the world, under corporate dictatorship. If you want the unemployment and rape of small businesses to continue, keep shopping at Wall Mart.

I will have to admit, I will miss some of you Wallmartians. The greatest show on earth.