Thursday, July 6, 2017


Kim Il Jong keeps firing off missiles, and they get bigger and bigger. He fired one just off shore from Russia, and another into Japan's economic zone. 

So, what are our defense people telling us? They say we can only get 40% of the incoming missiles with our anti-missile weapons. That tells me our Military and Government have been fiddling while Rome burned. They have been ordering up only ordinance for small war actions in the Middle East, and we are not prepared for World War.

So, now I hear they are threatening North Korea with a strike......... in six months. This is the talk of wimps and scatter brains. 

First, if you cannot hit back at the enemy, the last thing you do is tell the world, and your enemy, that you are limping on both feet.

Secondly, you do not diddle around and set dates way down the road. You let your enemy wonder if the hit may come in ten minutes.

So, what is going on?

I have to assume that the United States of America is a big joke as to Military preparedness. We don't have the goods, and we don't have the testosterone. These tough talking Generals are all squeal and no bacon.

And, that goes for President Trump. If he had any concept of strategic principles he would have blasted North Korea off the map long ago. 

I can only assume that Trump and the US Military will diddle around until baby face Kim has the toy that will do what he threatens to do. If he cannot make it, someone will give it to him. And, that someone will be Putin. Putin needs to stop the juggernaut of sanctions and Middle East disasters somehow, and shutting down the USA with an EMP would put Putin in the driver's seat.

So, it appears that our leaders will wait and wait until we are hit, probably along the California coast. But, again, Kim has threatened New York City and Washington DC. He could buy an old rusty freighter and send a missile over in a ship.

It is pathetic to have the alleged biggest Military on earth, and then not be able to defend Americans.