Friday, July 21, 2017


Most of you will not like this post, but I am very convinced that Trump is a sneak attack on American freedom.

I have said for years that a take over and destruction of American democracy would happen under a Conservative White House rather than a Liberal one. When Obama tried his tricks, the whole right wing media and Internet sources attacked and exposed his actions.

I believe that the men Trump has gathered around him are men who are eager to change America so that the citizens are tortured by various circumstances until they submit to total Military take over of the nation.

Here is a video from a Liberal source. The two men are making sense. I believe that illegal immigration is being used as a Trojan Horse to convince Americans that more surveillance and more US Military presence in our cities is needed.

I fully expect Trump to permit the CIA or the Military to arrange another 9/11 type false flag to panic Americans so that they actually BEG for the US Military to take over the nations. Conservatives cheer for the Military and trust our Generals. I do not. I know for a fact that US Generals can be treacherous. Witness General MacArthur and his subordination to President Harry Truman. MacArthur came very close to taking command of the Military and firing Truman.

General Kelly's power at Homeland Security gives him access to snoop on every American. HS is notorious for illegally taping phones and sniffing email, and Kelly can use that to threaten every American with something. 


Bible believers in America need to stop looking at Donald Trump as some sort of prophet or Moses type who is leading us to liberty. He is NOT. I believe Trump is a weak man when he is confronted with military choices, and he lets the Generals have their way. 

We need to pray that God will deliver us from murderous men like General Kelly. His zeal to torture prisoners at Guantanamo is very frightening, and he may call for deportation of illegals to Guantanamo for interrogation. Kelly clearly enjoys torturing men whom he associates with his definition of evil. If he believes that his tactics need to come to the mainland and be used on illegals in general, I assume he would use them on you and me. This man has murder in his heart.