Monday, July 31, 2017


Amar Shahin, the campus Mullah at the University of California at Davis has made an apology for a flaming hate sermon he recently preached against Jews and Israel. He called for Israel to be destroyed and suggested students do everything possible to harm Jews.

If Shahin can be believed, he sounds like he has real remorse. It must be remembered though, that Mohammed told his followers that they are free to lie to Kaffirs (non-believers), and they can lie to Jews. In fact, Mohammed exalted those who deceive non-Muslims.

The local director of CAIR in Sacramento, a radical Islamic rights group in the USA, stated, "No matter what the context was, it came out as hate speech."

The thing which is startling is that Islamic leaders, indeed, all Muslims, never apologize for anything, especially for their hate for Israel and Jews. Islam, by he teaching of the Quran and the Hadith (Sayings of Mohammed) does not have any doctrine defining sin. 

Muslims never sin as they see it. Even Imam Shahin's apology includes his claim that his emotions got ahead of his head. Thus, it was a sin of the mouth, not the mind or soul. This is the same rubbish we hear from Nazarene Church and Assembly of God heretics once they believe they have reached a state of "sinless perfection."

Does this apology give us hope for the future? 

Answer: Yes, but...... There are Mullahs in the world who actually call for recognition of the state of Israel and preach for peace between Jews and Muslims. So, this is one small step in the right direction. 

BUT, Islam in general is a religion of hate..... hate for non-Muslims who refuse to convert to Islam, and hate for Israel and Jews. Muslims also hate each other, and the death of Muslims being killed by other Muslims is far more treacherous than the number of non-Muslims and Jews being killed by Muslims.

What is lacking in Islam is manly men taking responsibility for their sins. Here is a man of God confessing sin without waffleing about his emotions getting away from him.

2 Samuel 24:17 And David spake unto the LORD when he saw the angel that smote the people, and said, Lo, I have sinned, and I have done wickedly: but these sheep, what have they done? let thine hand, I pray thee, be against me, and against my father's house.

That is what confession of sin looks likes, and Imam Shahin did not confess sin. He explained. He said his remarks were in the heat of the moment, and he did not mean harm. Bah. He is a flaming liar. He is lying to the Kaffir non-believing American who are full enough to think he seriously feels remorse. He has no real sense that he did something wicked.

Let us make something clear here. Islam is a sissy man's religion. They are like dogs. When a dog is alone, it wags it tail and submits. When dogs get into a pack, they attack. I am only using dogs as a parable..... Muslims are not dogs. The point is, Muslim men are not manly, as Hollywood would like us to believe. They are sissy wimps, and they grovel when they are cornered, just like Imam Shahin.

So, the world drama of Islam massacring and murdering and raping will go on. These moments of hope, and possible healing, while rare, must be noted and give us some small encouragement. Meanwhile, Bible believers, and all Americans, need to seek the total conversion of Muslims to Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. No other peace lasts.

America is proof that war is the status quo in the world today. The USA has been at war almost non stop since the year 1900. America defines itself as the tough guy bashing the world into submission. 

America is presently at war in the Middle East with no one in our government making any serious attempt to stop these wars. We are now poised to declare war on North Korea and Iran. We have only recently supplied Saudi Arabia with the arms to totally destroy life in The Yemen, bringing them famine on purpose by bombing their markets and hospitals. Trump continues this with joy and boasting.

So, America is not the model for peace and social justice. You preachers who have special days in the year in which you exalt patriotism, and honor our war makers, ought to be horse whipped. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can bring peace to the world, and Donald Trump does NOT believe that. He has taken up the bully battle ax with glee. Donald Trump is a bungling thug to the rest of he world.

Psalms 120:7 I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.