Thursday, January 18, 2018


Here are headlines from Jews News and other sources for today and yesterday to show what is happening with Muslim attacks on civilization, as well as other Israeli related news.

I have been telling you that you need to go to other sources around the world to learn the real news. All of the below happened today or yesterday, and even Drudge covered almost none of them.

‘Palestinian President’ Abbas Reacts to US slashing Aid by Viciously Slamming Trump: ‘Damn Your Money!’

It is refreshing to see President Trump take a stand on giving aid to terrorists who attack Israel.

Slovakian PM adamant that Islam has absolutely NO place in his country – is this racist?

SODOM AND GEMORRAH: California Gov. Jerry Brown To Force Schools To Show Kids ‘Gay Sex’ As Part Of LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum
California's resident faggot Governor is trying to queer California kids. This is one big reason Californians are moving to Texas. Governor Brown, during his first term as Governor in the 1970s, took Linda Ronstad on a trip to West Africe with him. It was touted as a cozy love trip, but when Linda left the plane after the trip, the media asked, "Did you have fun with the Governor?" Linda replied, "What fun." The whole thing was a trick to try to fool Californians into thinking Brown is not a faggot.

After Minnesota Welcomes Burkinis, They Find Something Horrifying In Pools
I did a post on this blog long ago predicting deadly tropical and Third World diseases would be cropping up in Europe and the USA due to open door immigration by Muslims from the Middle East and Africa. This is exactly what I told you would happen, and it will get worse. I predict now that the USA or Europe will have a Cholera epidemic due to immigration policies.

Controversial new viral cartoon has muslims and liberals outraged and the European right applauding…is this the fate of Europe or appalling Islamophobia, you decide
Tell me, what if Baptists starting raping non-Baptists and claiming it was their God given right to do so? Would you fair haired Liberal Dumbocrats defend those Baptists?

This means Governor Jerry Brown could theoretically be arrested for administering a sanctuary state.

TOM FITTON WARNS: “Tsunami of Information” Set To Expose “Obama/Clinton/Deep State Scandals” (VIDEO)

Erdogan, Pope to discuss Trump's Jerusalem move
This is the Jesuit thug, Pope Pancho, attacking Israel. He wants to rule Israel himself, and if he is the Antichrist as many Catholics believe, he just may get to do that one day.

Pope opening sides with Muslim activists against Isreal and Presidnent Trump.

Saudi Arabia to allow Israel flyover rights?
This is really old news. Clear back during President Obama's tenure, he threatened to shoot down Israeli planes if they attack Iran. Saudi Arabia at once invited Israel to fly over their territory if they needed to attack Iran. This deal with El Al is simply a commercial version of the same thing.

Kabbalist: New High-Speed Train Necessary For Third Temple

Poland REFUSES to take in third world Muslim refugees, and no amount of world pressure will change that

GET THE HELL OUT: Trump Administration Planning its “BIGGEST” Ever Round Up of Illegal Aliens

BOOM: Trump administration withholds $65 million from “Palestinians” – AND IT’S JUST THE START
Several fool Presidents in the past supported Yassir Arafat as he murdered Jews. It is time to stop financing the murder of innocent people.

IT’S HAPPENING: The ‘Palestinians’ are officially threatening war with Israel over Jerusalem
This should be interesting. Israel may be the second or third most armed nation in the world as to nuclear devices, and Abbas wants to go to war with them. LOL

SUICIDE IN SWEDEN: Swedish City to Offer Returning Islamic Jihadis Free Housing, Driving Lessons, and Debt Forgiveness

RELIGION OF PEACE: Muslims plot to blow up Statue of Liberty and ‘crush non-believers’

Christians Outraged As Facebook Says Group Wanting To Burn Christian Mom Alive Meets ‘Community Standards’

Muslim Migrants Arrive For Welfare, Irate When Officials Inform Them Of New ‘Requirement’

Do you like the new MISSISSIPPI Gun Store sign that says “sorry, we don’t sell guns to terrorists or Democrats…it’s too hard to tell the difference”
With the murderous behavior of ANTIFA and Obama, this is not just humorous..... it is fact.

The Libs and Dems are furious because Obama's doctor did not lie.

TRUTH HURTS: 30 Years of Trump FIGHTING RACISM Against Blacks That the Media Doesn’t Want You to See

PA LEADER ABBAS: May G-d Demolish Trump’s House, Israel Isn’t Jewish, I’ll Keep Paying Muslim Terrorists

“Christian Girls are only Meant for One Thing, the Pleasure of Muslim Men”

WAR ON NEW WORLD ORDER: Hungary thinks about permanently banning George Soros from entering the country
Soros has dual citizenship in Switzerland, Hungary, and the USA. If he cannot enter Hungary, he will have to settle for Switzerland or the USA. He needs to be put on the US terrorist list.

BOOM: Israel said to hit Hezbollah weapons depot near Damascus
Damascus is due to be totally destroyed according to Bible prophecy. This could happen soon, and Israel may be the one to do it.

The Muslim-loving Pope says its a SIN to be hostile to Islamic refugees, no matter how much they threaten your security
I bet the guards of the Vatican are not under the same orders. What do you think?

Could Ivanka Trump become president? Donald’s Orthodox Jewish daughter is ‘in it for the long haul’
She sure would be a better choice than Oprah Wingnut.

THE NEW DEUTSCHLAND: Mass raids across Germany in hunt for Iranian Muslims ‘plotting attack on Israelis’
The decline of Merkel's power in Germany seems to have also helped Germans wake up to the novel possibility of self-defense. They are so terrified of being accused of being Nazis that they have rolled over and peed on themselves. It is refreshing to see them taking action against Muslims.

Obama gave Hundreds Of Millions Of Taxpayer Cash To Muslim QATARI ROYALS – And Trump Is PISSED!

Muslim clerics order END of suicide bombing in terror crackdown – ‘It is HARAAM!’ (forbidden)
The day may come soon in which Muslic clerics issue a Haraam edit against killing Christians. There are sayings of Mohammed which can be used to justify this. This would cause Christians and world nations to drop their guard and imagine Islam is becoming civilized.

HORRIFYING ENDING: Noah’s Ark Crashes in the Netherlands [WATCH]
This is what happens when you play games with the truth in the Bible. These fake arks are a lot of rubbish fetishism which distract people from faith in the Word plus nothing. They are no different than the rosary Catholics finger in fetish fear of the holy God.

A NEW LIBERAL LOW: Now they claim Global Warming is the cause of the Islamic refugee madness
I think it is time to blame Global Warming for the feral hogs that roam all over Texas. We need to have a hog poop tax to pay Texas for all of our suffering.

Canada is now shaming citizens with large families because they are taking up resources and services that could be used to help Muslim refugees
I believe it is time to break diplomatic relations with Canada. We need to make sure these mental midgets do not immigrate and bring their inhuman notions to our country. Most of all, to all you Canadians who voted for Trudeau, do NOT come to Texas. We have laws against bringing trash to our state.

PRAY TO ALLAH, SOAP OPERA SAYS: German kids should convert to Islam, state-funded TV suggests

Israeli doctors successfully operate on Syrian refugee baby with heart defects – MEDIA SILENT

I assume, based on Hillary Clinton's long list of murders, that the Deep State is actively trying to assassinate President Trump. Did you know that the first Assassins were an Islamic cult in Turkey?

WW3 RED ALERT: India retaliates against Pakistan KILLING 7 SOLDIERS as tensions mount

Poland opens up their wallets and gives aid to Muslim refugees…BUT IN THEIR HOME COUNTRIES ONLY
What a genius concept..... pay the killers to stay home.

Yet again Islamic -loving Trudeau has egg on his face after publicly condemning a ‘cowardly attack’ on a Muslim girl – problem is she made the whole attack up
This twink needs to be banned from every crossing the northern US border for any reason. What a dog.

Remember when the Obama Administration called Israeli PM Netanyahu a ‘CHICKENSH*T’ – do you also remember the media being silent?

Catholic ex-Muslims to Pope Francis: “Naiveté in the face of Islam is suicidal and very dangerous”

OUTRAGE: Trudeau’s Canadian Government Is Enabling Female Genital Mutilation
Get this straight please.... a clitorectomy is meant to deny a woman to ever have the pleasure of having an orgasm. This is done by Muslims to keep women from leaving their husbands to have sex. Muslims believe a woman does not need sexual pleasure. She is a sex exercising machine for her husband. For this reason, a second tragic effect develops. Muslim men get frustrated because their wife cannot enjoy sex, and these men then go to other men for mutual sexual satisfaction. Many Muslim men are secretly bisexual for this reason. Once again, Allah, most gracious, most merciful..... he is NOT.

‘Palestinian’ Authorities paid $350 million of YOUR money to Muslim terrorists who stabbed, shot and killed Jews in 2017 – does this bother you?

WW3 RED ALERT: Russia has an underwater nuclear drone capable of carrying a 100-megaton warhead, leaked Pentagon report says

Obnoxious Black CNN Reporter Shouts ‘Are You A Racist?’ At Trump While He Was Honoring MLK – WATCH How Brilliantly He Responds
CNN needs to be evicted from the White House press corps. They are a mental and social terrorist agency.