Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Any American who has any level of skepticism with Big Pharma and the corrupt Center of Disease Control and National Institute of Health has long ago walked away from flu shots.

But, this year has become a horror of murder by Big Pharma. GO HERE to see who makes the flu shots. The page shows that a number of the vaccine companies are still also using mercury as a preservative which causes brain damage, in particular Alzheimer's Disease. These vaccine companies have seen the news by now, and the gossip in their commercial circles must be intense. They KNOW that their vaccine is murdering hundreds of children, and the very fierce flu epidemic in the US right now is caused by their vaccine, not by the typical new virus mutation in nature.

President Trump has tweeted warning to people to not get the flu shot. What is horrifying is that the CDC does not follow Trump's lead and deal with the many deaths caused by the flu shot. Learn about Trump as well as many other facts about the deadly shots at the following link. 

Here are stories about children getting suddenly violently sick and dying only two days after getting the flu shot.

Democrats reading here..... you will lose the election in 2020 because of the thousands who get took the fly shot, got the flu, and then learned that President Trump told them not to. People remember anyone who tries to save their kid from being killed. 

With the facts now known, and with health officials risking their careers and talking openly about the shots, you are going to answer to God if you let anyone vaccinate your child. You are a blasted fool if you take the shots. They are said to be only 10% effective by the CDC. That percentage is easily explained as the percent of error in any research. What the CDC is really telling us is that this year's flu shot is totally ineffective in stopping the flu. Last year they said is was only 30% effective.


The only vaccines anyone should accept are those for traveling to tropical nations in the Third World, such as cholera, typhoid, and small pox. Children should receive no vaccines other than perhaps polio. All the other immunities are best gotten by exposing your child to those diseases when young so that they get the disease and make their own immunity..... the way Mom's used to do long ago.

Virtually any shot which involves biological factors used to get immunities will have something deadly included as a preservative, and Big Pharma is totally immune from litigation
since the US Congress passed a bill protecting vaccine manufacturers. Do not assume you can sue Big Pharma for killing you kid. You see, they have NO incentive to protect you from harm, and they do not care if they kill your child or destroy his brain.

Finally, you will see nothing about this on mainline media. They are well paid off by Big Pharma to bury all news about this holocaust. You are on your own this time, and I suspect many of you gullible folks will still get your kids vaccinated out of blind trust of Big Pharma.

For you who refuse flu shots, here is what I do if I get the flu and common cold. 

1. During the flu months, take 1500 units of Vit. C twice a day.

2. At the first sign of flu symptoms, take much larger doses of Vit. C. Linus Pauling of the Linus Pauling Institute took 18,000 units a day. At high does levels Vit. C also greatly reduces chances of heart disease and other illness.

3. Order Liposomal Vit. C now, and store in a cool place. This form of Vit. C is very well absorbed. Ordinary Vit. C is poorly absorbed which is why large doses are needed. Take 1000 units per day of Liposomal C. Add in Vit. E, and sit in the sun for at least 20 minutes in the midday. Better yet, take 10,000 units Vit. D-3 to be sure to get up on that.

4. For serious flu situations, go to your doctor and try to get him to give you  10,000 units of Vit. C IV. He will claim that is dangerous, but it could easily save your life. Your body will throw off all the Vit. C it does not need anyway. But, the IV dose is beyond a health dose..... it is therapy and kills disease.

[This advice is strictly what I do and is not meant to diagnose of medicate any illness.]

Finally, the rule still applies. The Government lies to us, the media is bought off, and you are on your own. If you will not start doing your own research on issues like this, you may be injured or killed by money grubbing medical entities. The same rule applies to everything in modern life, such as WI-Fi and food additives.

Romans 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

I will add, though not under inspiration, that every Congressman has been bribed.