Saturday, January 6, 2018


It is time to call Steve Bannon what he is..... a fellow traveler with Marxists.

We have to start this story with Judge Moore and his hidden agenda.


There is no way to exaggerate the blessing of  God that Judge Moore was defeated. His associations with people and organizations financed by George Soros is astounding. This story points up a serious flaw in Trump supporters and Christian fools who blindly support any alleged Conservative who comes along.


Why didn't Fox News vet this creep? I will tell you why..... Fox is as blind as a bat, just like CNN. The only difference is that Fox News has learned that they can sucker Conservatives just as easily as CNN can sucker Liberals.

I hate them all now.

And, Steve Bannon has now shown us what he is made of.


Read all three stories please

The extreme things Bannon said, implying that anyone who did not support Moore would go to Hell, shows that Bannon is a fellow traveler with Moore and his Globalist friends. It is time to call a spade a spade. Bannon has turned out to be a borderline Marxist as far as I am concerned. 

So, now we have to wonder why Trump was so enthralled with Steve Bannon. This also fits with Jared Kushner's registering to vote as "no party." Kushner is clearly not a Conservative. He, and his father in law Trump, surely do appear now to be loose cannons of the worst sort. They are playing you and me for suckers. 

The clique of Trump, Bannon, and Moore is becoming very clear, and we need to stop cheering for Donald Trump. 

There will be no wall. Trump is playing games. Even his immigration policies are fake zeal. I believe he has chosen the issues that charge the far right in the USA, and he has simply pushed all the right buttons. His conviction to make America great again is all hog wash. His mob around him are not patriots or zealots. They are all porch monkeys for Trump and nothing more.

Witness how Trump has done nothing to close Guantanamo, which is a horrible violation of the US Constitution and is nothing but a torture chamber to mete out revenge on terrorists captured. Now, we hear that the Podesta brothers have been shipped to Guantanamo. Wretched as these two are, if it is true, it shows that Trump will burn the Constitution when he wants to, and he shows also that he is a man full of vengeance and rage.

You jerks who defend Guantanamo need to meditate please. When the God hating Left takes their next turn at the White House, what will you think the day YOU are arrested and shipped to Guantanamo for not vaccinating your kids, or for home schooling your kids? So, you defend the torture chambers now. When your turn comes, do not send me email asking me to pray for you. Suffer, and thank God for letting you be water boarded. 

Indeed, I pray for you NOW that you will start THINKING instead of lock stepping with Fox News and the Far Right. The Far Right, if Judge Moore is any example, could very well be owned by George Soros. Remember, Adolph Hitler was a Far Right nationalist, not a Communist or Liberal.

For the record, I am delighted that Doug Jones beat Judge Moore in Alabama.


You just read a re-run of the biography of Adolph Hitler. I suspect Bannon also hates Jews. His glorification of the Roman Catholic Crusades is white hot evil. The Lord never told his Church to massacre anyone who did not believe in Christ. 

Furthermore, any jerk who could not see that someone from inside America brought down the 9/11 towers is a mental midget. Those towers were one of the most masterful demolitions in human history. If Bannon is so smart, why could he not see that? Instead, he used 9/11 to sour his soul with hate for Muslims. And, many Conservative Christians and their pastors cheer as the hate for Muslims is preached.

All of this makes Donald Trump look like either a sleeper sent to destroy America, or he is a very dumb boy. I am coming to think that we got us a far more dangerous man in the White House than Barak Obama. Obama was typical of all far Left Liberals..... lazy and self-indulgent..... not really that dangerous. Trump is busy, very busy, doing the work he was sent to do. And, his choice of friends and helpers needs a lot more attention by the media.

Proverbs 10:23 It is as sport to a fool to do mischief: but a man of understanding hath wisdom.


This skid row bum (use British meaning) is guilty of a very obvious subterfuge trick. He did the book, got thrashed by Trump, and he is now kissing up to Trump anticipating that Trump will be forced to forgive him and restore him to the kingdom.

We caught you, Dirty Steve. President Trump will be a fool if he gives you the time of day. You are not showing remorse for your folly..... you are showing stealth and your attempt to keep close to Trump so you can knife him again. You need to be marginalized for the rest of your life. You will still collect huge royalties, while you hope Trump will give you a pat on the head and toss you a bone.

Proverbs 18:7 A fool's mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.

Steve Bannon: We can only give you the Dead Skunk Award from Balaam's Ass Speaks for you dirty tricks.