Saturday, January 13, 2018


This is not click bait.


Since the US has locked down Kazakhstan's banking investments in the US, it is rather obvious that President Trump may decide to lock down Russia's banking deposits in the US, as well as their gold.

This is why you need to read the news from other news sources from other nations. This story is nowhere in the US media, conservative of liberal.

If Trump locks down the Russian assets in the US, Russia's banking credibility in the world will crash. No one will trust Russian investments because they cannot trust the US to keep their hands off of Russian funds.


The US State Department is terrified that Putin's status in the world will grow and prosper in spite of sanctions. Russia has been doing projects in Africa for nations there, and the good will is great. Russia built three dams on the Blue Nile in Ethiopia, and this sort of thing wins good will.

Donald Trump is a loose cannon. That is very clear by now. But, men like John McCain and Lindsey Graham would also love to have a showdown with Russia. And, they would not care if they started a nuclear war. Indeed, I can see McCain finding a way to rob Russia of gold assets in the US.

This is the sort of way that our mindless leaders in the Congress and State Department could persuade Putin to blow off an EMP nuke over the USA. If we grab enough of Russia's toys, they have nothing to lose by trashing the USA and sending us back to 1900. Such a world would leave Russia in number one position.

This is the sort of thing that might be brought up in your weekly church prayer meeting. Ask God to give President Trump a reason to stop slapping Russia. Ezekiel 38 indicates that Russia will be around for a while, but not the USA. Our leaders are so full of themselves, and they have no fear of the rest of the world, that they might do just about anything.

The most disgusting aspect in all of this is that the American public have no ax to grind with Russia. If we end up at war with Russia, it will be because twenty of thirty thugs in Washington decide we need a war.