Friday, March 30, 2018


What is happening in Mississippi and Atlanta with AIDS is going to be the wave of the future for all of the USA. I preached that this was coming back in the 1980s, and I felt like John the Baptist in the wilderness.

The statistics for AIDS are being systematically hidden by draconian laws prohibiting health officials and service agencies from telling how many people have AIDS in their venues. So, you need to take the official statistics and multiply by anywhere from five to ten. The numbers have to be extremely greater than the US Gov. reports. This is because our government wants you to believe AIDS is off in the corner and no threat.'


Answer: They cannot fix this horror without forcing Americans to return to moral principles which have been trashed since about 1945. So, Americans keep partying and getting down, and sodomites keep going to bath houses and having anonymous sex. Heterosexuals live with the illusion that you can take a pill the night after and stop AIDS. The problem is, they don't take that pill, and a year later their body starts falling apart. And, AIDS is an equal opportunity disease. It passes from whores to Presidents and Senators just as easily as it does between sodomites.

So, what we see in Mississippi is on its way to LA and NYC. It will then move on to Omaha and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Where ever the Seventh Commandment is trashed, AIDS will soon prevail.

Here is how it works in Mississippi:

There is no hope of stopping AIDS. The reason is that there is no hope of reversing the general hate for the Ten Commandments. Both Conservatives and Liberals are whore mongers. Our conservative President, Donald Trump, grabs them by the p__________. His example, after he has been prayed over by some sniveling bishop of Charismania, is to grab all the genitals he can reach. He has told us so himself.

America is doomed. The moral collapse of our culture is going to work itself out like it has hundreds of times in human history. Lust will drive Americans to become infected with this disease, and they will die like rats in a sewer.

2 Timothy 2:22 Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

Also, understand this..... Since day one in about 1982 I had reports of AIDS being caught by what is called "casual transmission." This has not changed. It is possible to get AIDS from indirect contact with infected people. The government is systematically hiding this fact. Cases of casual transmission are buried in the morbidity reports. But, it is possible, and defensive measures when in public are in order. 

The myth that condoms can protect you is mad logic. The physical contact involved is not totally eliminated by a little balloon. Also, the myth that you can take drugs and stop AIDS is a lie. The video showed what one young man was taking to keep going. My brother went through hundreds of thousands of dollars of drugs to keep himself alive, and it was a horror of a life for him.

AIDS service organizations make it sound like AIDS victims are heroes for surviving. It is the heroism of being a crack head. Living a life of wanton sexual perversion and surviving for ten or twenty years on two handfuls of drugs a day, with all the side effects, if not my idea of being a hero.

There is the money dead end also which the US Government is pretending not to notice. The last I heard a figure was in about the year 2000. At that time, it cost the tax payer $150,000 a year to provide health and drug support to AIDS infected people. It must be nearly $300,000 a year by now. This is because people who get AIDS are soon unable to work. They then end up indigent, and their health costs are passed onto the tax payers. This means that the day will come when the health care system will be overwhelmed by the cost of AIDS related care.

It is hard to end any article on AIDS. There is no hope to offer and no happy ending because the culture of America is making sure AIDS cannot be stopped.