Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Why is Gary Cohn resigning?

Answer: Very simple. Cohn is a rabid Neo Con and believes in open unrestrained foreign trade. He loves the notion that jobs should be exported to India and the Philippines. It was predictable that he would come into conflict with Trump.

The only question is, Why did Trump not figure this out up front?

Answer: Trump is not that smart. He thought he could convert a Neo Con, the same way he thought he could civilize Bannon. Trump, the Salvation Army preacher, is not delivering the
wicked from their sins. This has never happened, that is, that a President could convert committed men to change their political religion. It is always the other way around, the way the Neo Cons took possession of Ronald Reagan's mind and used him like a puppet. They even arranged for one of the pals of the Bush boys to take a shot at Reagan to convince him to go forward at the altar call.

This all brings us to the conclusion that President Trump is not the sharpest tack in the drawer. He has brought people into the State Department who turn out to be his enemies, like Bannon. It is now only a question of time before Tillerson gets fed up with trying to convert Trump to the Neo Con religion and jumps the committee. 

Watch for Trump to soon go looking for Henry Kissinger. He is the only ancient and potent mover and shaker who never was converted to the Neo Con religion. Kissinger always held out so he could be his own religion. And, as much as I cannot stand some of the things Kissinger has done, he may be the only one who can help Trump back into the boat again.

Trump needs to go shopping for Conservative PhDs from universities around America who are not owned by men in high places. Trump needs brains, for it is obvious that he does not have one himself. I am talking about a brain that does not see dollar signs in everything. He needs men of principle who understand the world and how America works, or should we say, how it does NOT work. The USA has become disfunctional in many ways, and the states are getting ready to walk. If the USA is to survive as a viable nation, there needs to be a revival of principles and morals.

Sadly, Donald Trump is a man who lusts for woman and throws away wives. Thus, he cannot lead morally by example. It would be like hiring the wolf to be the sheep dog.

We are toast.