Wednesday, March 28, 2018


President Trump has told us that he wants to "Make America great again."

That is a noble thought. But, how can a man who grabs the ladies by the _________, and throws away his wives when they lose the bloom of youth, set America on a course back to greatness. Donald Trump is not qualified to lead America back to greatness. He himself is a decadent fading into mediocrity. 

Here is a video talking about the empires of the world and how they rose to greatness and then collapsed suddenly. The pattern is fixed. Every empire has followed this path. 

The last great empire to rise to unimagined greatness was Great Britain. After hundreds of years of growing great and filling the earth with her power, England lost all her colonies and peoples in a very short time. Today, England is groveling in moral and social poverty as immigrants overflow into her cities and turn them into ghettos. Islam is gradually taking over.

Here is the pattern of the empires of past history.

America will never be great again. The process of collapse is ongoing today. The blood flows as 70 million unborn babies are slaughtered in the womb. The perpetual war rages in the Middle East, and it will not end until America is destroyed. In the homeland, hate and rage are everywhere. People and states are becoming tribal and openly degrading one another. The political system today is based on bribery and graft, and the leaders are mindless slugs using public office to enrich themselves, just like ancient Rome.

The only return to a wholesome and fulfilling life is for the individual American. You and I can submit to the call to worship and follow Jesus Christ, and God will give us a great life. There is no way to save the nation of America. The murder in the streets and in the abortion clinics will go on, and the depravity will roar on higher and higher. 

But, you can live above it in Christ.

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