Thursday, March 8, 2018


White South Africans want to leave SA and move to the USA. They are openly asking President Trump to help them.


The Progressive Liberal Marxists, Obama and Hillary, will fan up an inferno if Whites are told they are welcome in the USA. Racism will run wild again.

The irony is, these South Africans have a hard work ethic going way back to the late 1700s when they entered South Africa from Europe and found huge areas with no Africans even living there. The migration since the Genesis Flood has been so recent that the first White explorers in South Africa found no Africans there. They had not yet migrated that far.

So, Whites in South Africa are descended from the original inhabitants of their homeland, and the politically correct mob will just have to deal with that. It is in the history books. That is not my idea.

The problem in South Africa is that Black politicians, like Barak Obama, have been trying to take power by calling for the confiscation of all White land and the slaughter of Whites at the hands of thugs. Nelson Mandela saw this day coming and spoke against it.

When, and if, South African Whites immigrate to the USA, they will ALL find jobs and go right to work. They are fantastic farmers and would be a great addition to the expertise needed to develop farms in the US Southwest.

Furthermore, they are mostly Dutch, and if you are not Dutch, you are not much. At least that is what the Calvinists in Western Michigan tell me.

Some of these Whites are married to Black Africans. I wonder if the racist Marxists in our deformed political system would allow these mixed race South Africans to immigrate to the USA?