Thursday, March 8, 2018


Today, as I wandered our H-E-B super market, I was content to take the labels on the products at face value. Twelve grain bread must have at least two kernels of spelt wheat in every loaf. I am usually a cynic about labeling, so I often find it easy to disbelieve the claims. When they say a product is "NEW" I know this could be simply because the blue ink on the label has been changed to green ink.

But, I was taken back when I got to the egg department. Each brand of eggs made claims that seemed a bit presumptuous, and I want someone to check up on this.

One brand said, "Guaranteed humane raised chickens." Now, do you believe that? Some Gringo wrote that on the carton, and no one ever asked the chickens if it is true. Perhaps the farmer notices a chicken rolling in the dust taking a dust bath. Does he not kick the chicken and yell at it to get busy and lay an egg? There needs to be a research done to see what chickens really have to say about whether they feel humanely treated.

Then again, another carton of eggs claimed, "Cage Free Chickens." Come now, Fred, do you really let your chickens leave their cage and walk about the farm enjoying the scenery? I suspect some chickens are stuck under buckets or under old bath tubs at times. 

Let us all so live that, at the end of our days in this world, men will say of us, "Now, there was a really great chicken lover." I must insist in laying it on the line with chickens. We need more honesty in package labeling so that the plight of chickens does not make us quail.