Friday, March 2, 2018


The World Health Organization, in true United Nations idiotic form, has condemned bacon as cancer causing. 

The issue is the addition of sodium nitrates and nitrites to the bacon, and most prepared meat, to preserve the meat color and prevent spoiling of the meat when not eaten fast enough. Nitrates and nitrites have been added to prepared meats since the time of ancient Greece.

The connection of nitrates with cancer is a total myth. The reason I say this is that many vegetables you eat have nitrates in them, and some are high in the chemical. Celery has a high nitrate content, and for this reason, "natural meats" often add celery juice to do the very same thing nitrates and nitrites do. In this way, the meat packer can claim the meat product is "natural".

Nitrates are broken down in your mouth by saliva and become nitrites. The nitrites are at once broken on down to become nitric oxide (NO). NO is needed by the body to dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure. It is released when the mind and body are in rest or relaxed mode, and the NO is held back when the mind goes into flight and fight mode. NO is also released when a person is sexually aroused and aids in the production of an erection in men. Indeed, without NO being made by our bodies, and consumed in our diets, the human race would not be here.

The facts now prove that eating nitrate rich vegetables LOWER blood pressure. The cancer myth is added because when nitrates are reduced to nitrites and NO, nitrosamines are also produced, and some research long ago determined that nitrosamines are associated with cancer. 

Other research determined that Vitamin C counteracts nitrosamines, so the FDA made a rule that prepared meats which have nitrates and nitrites added must have Vitamin C added. A certain fraction of Vitamin C called erythobate is than added for this reason. When you see that additive, do not panic. There is a myth out among health conscious people that erythorbate is a deadly poison. It is a poison only if Vitamin C is a poison.

The reason I am agitated about this fake news about bacon is because, long ago, we bought into the story that bacon was carcinogenic, and we stopped eating all prepared meats. Having to give up bacon was a serious sacrifice. We are very careful about other food additives and avoid them because there are some that ARE very bad for health.

Another fact makes me mad about this United Nations lie mongering. If nitrates and nitrites were removed from prepared meat by order of the FDA, the Emergency Rooms of hospitals all over America would be very busy for a long time as people came in with serious food poisoning. Americans have gotten used to being able to store bologna and hot dogs in the frig for months and slowly eat them. If there were no preservatives in prepared meats, they would develop food poisons that would nearly kill people.

So, stop believing everything you hear, and start doing your own research online. There are many lies out there, and health proponents love to start panic attacks in their followers. Also, never believe the United Nations about ANYTHING. 

So, eat more greens, especially arugula and kale and beets, and eat prepared meats, and live longer and lower your blood pressure.

Above all else, eat more bacon. 

If you are a Jew, Muslim, or a Seventh Day Adventist, eat more beets and celery. I am sorry if that does not sound as exciting as bacon. If you simply cannot stand to live without Bacon, become a Bible believing Baptist, and you can have your bacon with eggs in the morning and a BLT at lunch. Of course, if you are Jewish or Muslim, you can change the name of the bacon to corned beef, like some Jews do with ham, and still have your bacon.