Monday, March 26, 2018


In the course of human endeavor, there come, occasionally, moments of reality shock. This is your moment if you are a self-defined conservative or born again Christian who also has a permit to carry. The whole war of Progressive Liberalism is targeted at you. 

I must correct that somewhat. You don't need a permit to carry to be drafted into this war. You simply need to believe that your uncle Harry, who has a permit to carry, is a red, white, and blue American like you. What you carry legally is a mindset to trash the ongoing Newspeak culture.

Thus, here is your study guide. These three web pages have graciously violated all norms of self-control in the Orwellian Society, and they have posted lists of terms of combat by the Progressive Liberal Left for us to study. Please bookmark this blog post, and in the future, you can come back and keep reading the lists.




Now, as you digest the list of terms, you will start to notice them in the speech of our US leaders, especially Democrats, and you will hear them in college classrooms, and even in church. When speaking to some stranger, the more of these terms you hear, the more you will want to shoot back.

How shall we then shoot back?

Answer: Use the term you heard from the Liberal nut case in your next sentence, but give it a totally different meaning, preferably a conservative meaning.


You are talking to an air head who is steadily dropping Newspeak terms. This idiot says, "We need an affirmation of the right of children to be defended against gun owners." This means, "We need total gun control by the Government."

So, your next sentence will be; "I totally agree with you. We need an affirmation of the Second Amendment so that children can be protected by gun owners against criminals with guns." This almost sounds like what they said, but on the deeper level, it is a complete contradiction. The Progressive Liberal will do a double take, and what follows will be an ad hominem attack on you for daring to disagree with the Approved Mindset. 

Finally, as the attack on you fades a bit, you must start laughing uproariously at the mental midget. What you have done is hack their private vocabulary and destroyed their logic by trashing the meaning of their special terms.

If you and I, and all Conservatives, would do this all the time with these vipers, they would go mad and self-destruct with rage. It is time to realize that the rage and hate in Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters needs to be upgraded until they go stark raving mad and have to be institutionalized. As long as this is done by Conservatives sabotaging their speech and conversation, so that it doubles back on them, no one can claim it was done by illegal means.

Be sure to use these techniques on Facebook and other social media also. Teens must learn to use these methods in school, especially in writing papers and answering exams. Using the terms of the Progressive Liberals in writing while reversing the meaning of the context will drive a Liberal teacher insane. College students can have loads of fun doing this, and if the instructor complains, play dumb.

Google Ben Shapiro videos, and watch how he turns the tables on his adversaries. Use the same arguments, but salt them with Newspeak terms that you use out of context.

Now, Bunkie, if you think this is too hard to do, that is, turn a Progressive Liberal on his or her head, remember please..... these are the people who thought adding 8000 more troops to Guam might cause the island to tip over. If you really get your posterior up and attack, you will find the battle loaded in favor of brains..... yours.

We need an affirmation of vicious Conservatism.