Monday, July 30, 2018


There is a new virus spreading around the world. It is called Clade X. It will kill nearly a billion people.

That is what I believe the news media want you to think. The fact is, this virus is all make believe. It has been invented in the imagination of Johns Hopkins Health Security department in Washington DC. They wanted to learn how bad an epidemic of a hybrid virus would be, so they gathered a mob of alleged experts, some of them gullible politicians, and they spent the day, in their Mother Goose cocoon, killing off a billion people worldwide.

I do not trust Johns Hopkins. They have a motive that I believe leads straight to the money. That is, the money to produce and market a vaccine to stop hybridized viruses. This is resulting in shock and awe programs to terrify the public. This is done, ultimately, by the news media, both main line and alternative.

If you have not seen this yet, you will. You will see videos done by your favorite conspiracy YouTube nut case, and he will tell you that a worldwide epidemic has broken out. If you confront him with the truth about this fake danger, he will tell you the perpetrators are claiming it is fake to cover up the fact that the virus is raging away in the Congo and in Bangladesh.

Here are two articles. Please notice how vague they are in making it clear to the reader that Clade X is a fake virus invented for science health officials to play with:

This article comes complete with a convincing photo of the pretend virus to jolt your gullible mind into total faith in the story teller.

Could this happen?

Answer: Anything is possible in this evil world today. But, we have to assume that the terrorist group allegedly doing this would have the facilities to produce the virus. This is even more doubtful than terrorists making nuclear weapons.

So, again, we have been hoaxed by men in high places. We are supposed to get all wide eyed with terror, and this is to prepare us to get in line when Merck claims they just invented another vaccine to stop all imaginary biological weapons.

In the interest of sanity, Balaam's Ass Speaks Blog wishes to award the Dead Skunk award to Johns Hopkins Health Security Department. They may have even beat Alex Jones at the game of causing a panic with a fake bug.