Saturday, July 28, 2018


There certainly is abuse of woman by some men.

But, the recent rush to accuse men of sexual abuse is getting out of hand. The following article is clearly written to tempt the reader to assume that the CEO of CBS is already guilty. He is not, not yet. In the USA a man is not declared guilty by newspapers and network talking heads. The only people with the power to find a man guilty is a jury in a proper court proceedings. 


A Bible believer today must resist the urge to believe every accusation. I for one, do not intend to ever again believe a report of offense against anyone from someone who does not provide air tight proof of their claims.

The Bible warns us about this:

Proverbs 25:18 A man that beareth false witness against his neighbour is a maul, and a sword, and a sharp arrow.

Proverbs 24:28 Be not a witness against thy neighbour without cause; and deceive not with thy lips.

Proverbs 3:29 Devise not evil against thy neighbour, seeing he dwelleth securely by thee.

1 Timothy 5:19 Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses.

For you who claim to follow Jesus Christ, you are under Apostolic orders to never accept an accusation against another believer without two or three witnesses. When some Satan possessed gossiping bag lady in the church house comes to you with a bit of choice gossip, blast her with no mercy shown. It is bad enough to see people in the world at large destroying each other with false accusations, but when it comes into the Lord's Church, we must be brutal and fierce against it.

The real test is when you hear such things about people in some denomination you do not agree with. You are tempted to believe the evil report because they seem to deserve being abused. This  is every bit as evil when it is against the stranger to your circle of friends. Lies against other people are vile and worthy of godly revenge no matter who they are perpetrated against.

In no way am I suggesting that abuse of women should be ignored. But, a woman who makes accusations must provide witnesses, and she must be forced to make the accusation in a court of law where lying is punished by a prison sentence. Any woman can lie, and she can produce three lying friends, in order to destroy a man. That is, until she is sitting in the witness box and knows her lies will send her to jail. We also need to see more aggressive prosecution of perjury in the courts. Too many women today are being allowed to lie in court and walk free.

The moral of this whole discussion is that women need to learn that there are certain professions where the men in charge are beasts. Hollywood, and the media, are the worst offenders, and from stories I have heard from my family who worked in Hollywood, it has always been this way.

I see these Hollywood starlets, and the ladies on the talking head shows on TV, and most of them seem to believe that they can dress in a seductive way and expect men around them to not be affected. Frankly, when I see a woman showing lots of skin, I assume she WANTS attention from lusting men. That, or she is a ding bat who thinks undressing in public is the way to reward the boss for hiring you. So, when she gets more than she wants, she assumes
society will be shocked at the man who advances on her. The #MeToo women mock at this discussion, but godly woman know that modesty goes a long way to stopping unwanted attention. That is a fact, not a speculation.

If you, lady, find a job where you are expected to undress to be accepted, and you wear tight tops and flip you milk cans around for the men, you deserve all the sorrow you get. If you want to be a hooker, your pimp will demand that you run around half naked. If you see the women in some company dressing like whores, there is a reason for that. Just keep moving until you find a work place where modestly is in fashion. There ARE such places.

A tech supervisor I know had a young lady who did great work, but she dressed an a very suggestive way. She was not particularly sexual in her talk and conversation. But, a couple of young men started hustling her and being sexually rude. This supervisor got the two men fired. But, he talked to the young lady and told her that her suggestive dress was not helping the situation. She panicked and changed her wardrobe choices from then on, and she thanked the supervisor for talking to her. So, some or you women can change if you want to. But, some of you WANT to look like a whore simply for some morbid feminist buzz it gives you. 

Also, any young woman who agrees to have a meeting alone with a man is a fool. This is especially true when the man holds the power of a career over the woman. I frankly do not have any sympathy for these woman who go to Hollywood or Nashville and find themselves being raped or assaulted. That is SOP for that vile world. Decent men DO NOT exist in Hollywood. They are all beasts or prey.

Daniel survived the lion's den because God sent him angels to protect him. If you do not have a personal angel from God to defend you from the corporate lions, find another line of work.