Saturday, July 14, 2018


Donald Trump wants to meet with Vladimir Putin out behind a barn in Finland. The Liberal press and media are trying to panic the masses into believing Trump should not be talking to Putin unless he plans to pull a gun on Vlad and shoot his ears off. George Soros hates Putin, and Putin hates George Soros, and the Liberal clones of Soros are simply reacting to Trump's meeting as if it is already a fiasco. 

Soros is the one driving the press to a frenzy over this meeting. You see, Putin could join Trump in a scheme to destroy Soros.


The point is, Trump has spent his life watching his father before him walk into meetings with no topic written on his clip board, and Trump has done the same. There are some people whom a person needs to simply go talk to. Something interesting will come out of it. Who knows, Putin may invite Trump to come to Moscow and take a ride on his Harley Davidson (which is the brand Putin rides).

The Liberal mob are trying to prime the pump to spew loads of hate the minute Trump hits the ground home from Helsinki. So, like they blasted his Supreme Court choice before he was announced, they are blasting his performance with Putin before it happens.

The mind of politicians in the USA is sick. The Republicans are only somewhat better than the Liberal Democrats. These people, who are supposed to be the cream of American leadership, are a bunch of nervous nags and nannies. They slap the victim before the victim makes the slightest move.

Thus, everyone is guilty before trial in America. A classic example is in the "Me Too" ladies who are destroying hundreds of men by slapping them publicly, and the men are fired and destroyed, while the lady later retracts the charge. It is all a game. But, this game will destroy America. Rational people will never again want to run for public office. Only the "what me worry?" goons will step forward.

Back to Trump..... what if he pulls off a diplomatic coup, and Putin decides to play ball with Trump in some significant area. Never mind, slap the victim. Trump will be the devil, even if he turns Putin into an angel.

When this sort of government takes control of a nation, according to historic precedent, that nation is slipping over the edge. Hate is the only emotion, and nothing gets done. If it were not for the use of Executive Orders, Trump would be totally castrated as President. This device, which in a Democrat President we came to hate, is the only tool Trump has to get anything done.

The other way Trump can gain traction is to talk to national leaders, the EU, and NATO and see if he can win some ground for America at large. I say, go for it Donald. This may be the only way you can accomplish anything.

My own observations on Trump and Putin: 

Putin is a man who came up through the ranks of the Soviet system and KGB. He was very loyal to whomever he served, and he has used his heritage and savvy at reading people to serve himself well. As to his leadership style, he is a no nonsense man and demands that people perform or get fired. He has taken Russia, which he found nearly totally destroyed by our US Neo Cons, and he has brought Russia back to thrive. Also, foremost, Putin is a nationalist who craves to see Russia great again.

Now, that is the Putin I have learned about from much research. What do you suppose Trump looks like to that kind of Putin? The photo at the top of this post says it all. You NEVER saw Putin smiling like that at Hillary or Obama. The last time I saw Putin smile like that was when George W. Bush gave Putin a pile of Elvis Presley DVDs.