Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Suppose the Hidden Hand WANTS a race war so they have an excuse to incarcerate millions of Blacks in FEMA camps. 

Suppose they then will identify the Blacks who will rehabilitate and go to work from the stubborn Blacks who insist on living on welfare. 

Suppose these dependent stubborn Blacks are then destined to be eliminated by vaccinations and other tricks.

And, to be fair, add all those Whites with the same welfare mentality.

The cheapest way to do this, and the way in which no one will notice the Hidden Hand at work, would be to turn the Blacks in the inner cities to rage, and the Whites would "defend" themselves by driving Black rioters to greater and greater mayhem.

The FEMA buses would roll into the city, and all the rioters would be hauled off to a FEMA camp "for your protection, Jefferson."

For this, guns are needed in the hands of both Black and White middle class working people. 

Thus, pretend to want to do gun control and confiscate hand guns. Stampede the Middle Class to the gun shops.

The result would be that millions of Americans would arm themselves, and many would shape shift from defenders of their family to warriors against "then niggers."

This could all be about eugenics, and we the people will be the de facto enforcers. We will end up doing for the Hidden Hand what the SS did for Adolph Hitler.

I do not like to think of this, but are we screaming for the 2nd Amendment on queue just as the wretched beasts above have planned?



So, what is the moral?

Defend yourself and your family. Arm yourself in a responsible way, but I would encourage you to make VERY sure you keep it at that. Let's not let the wicked scoundrels up top stampede us. 

The same applies for Muslims. Self-defense, not a counter Christian Jihad.

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