Monday, December 28, 2015


Coat and tie integration works.

Anglo Saxon, Black American, Hispanic and Cajun below:

Have a good day in your cube, Bunkie. 

I am sitting here in the Texas Hill Country watching my American bull / Bull Mastiff chase squirrels in the woods outside my office window. 

When she thinks it is time to eat, or when we come home and roll up to the gate, she races off in any direction chasing an imaginary victim. This is to convince us she is definitely worth feeding.

"Office" is a much too formal word, actually, for where I am sitting. This is my play area, and I thank my Lord for giving Elizabeth and I such a great life in Texas.

It is cold today. High of 45 degrees. Go ahead and laugh up in Michigan. We are spoiled rotten, I admit it.

So, to warm you up a bit I found 52 minutes of Wynton Marsalis, his three valve horn and his friends playing a concert.

At minute 37 the guys go Barrel House, and that is when you want to go get the well deserved cup of coffee and dance a jig on the way.

Keep warm my friends, and keep praising the Lord please.

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