Tuesday, December 1, 2015


John Davis of Time for Truth in the UK reports:
Dr Ruckman in hospital! Dr Ruckman is now 94 years of age.  He recently had a fall & is in hospital.  Please pray for him as he has broken two ribs & punctured his lung.  He’s a wounded soldier, coming to the end, & needs all the prayers & support we can give him.  He has certainly fought a good fight (2 Tim 4v7) & his reward awaits him.  I just hope & pray he makes it to the Rapture without too much pain. 
Dr. Ruckman has defended the King James Bible for many years. He started his adult life as a Episcopalian and playing in a jazz band with the old era Big Band boys. He got saved, went to Bob Jones University, took Greek and Hebrew at the same time, and went on to plant a Baptist church in Pensacola, Florida.

Please pray for Dr. Ruckman that God will have mercy on him and do what is best for him. This is an old warrior we would like to cling to, but he may be a lot better off if God took him on Home. So, ask the Lord to do what is best.    

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